The content included in the upcoming second fan book for Koyoharu Gotouge’s Demon Slayer: Kaimetsu no Yaiba manga has been revealed by Shueisha on Monday. This will include three one-shot manga to the artbook exclusively. Three other one-shot manga appearing in the other publications previously have been included too.

Demon Slayer New One Shot Manga Included In The New Fan Book

The title of the first manga one-shot is “Tanjirō no Kinkyō Hōkokusho”. It will be showing Tanjiro and other characters after the manga conclusion.

The title of the second manga one-shot is “Totsugeki!! Jigoku no Onitorizai Sanzunokawa o Koete”. It will be showing some of the demons of “THAT TIME”.

The title of the third manga one-shot is “Kimetsu no Dodai”. it will be showing some of Gotouge’s real stories from drawing the manga during its serialization.

“Rengoku Volume 0” one-shot was previously given out as a bonus for theatergoers for Demon Slayer: Kaimetsu no Yaiba- The Movie: Muggen Train has also been included in the Fan Book. The “Nenshi Bangai-han” and “Nenmatsu Bangai-hen” one-shots have also been included. The fan book will be shipping on February 4.