Recently, this “Anime Iceberg” is trending and shooting the graph as no one could ever expect. So, what exactly is Anime Iceberg? Is it an anime series? Or a manga series that is having an anime adaptation? Let’s find out-

Anime Iceberg

Anime Iceberg includes these two words- Anime+Iceberg. Obviously, this is not an anime series or a manga series. This term is used to put certain anime series in their respective tier. Here is an example-

Anime Iceberg

As you can see- The “Iceberg” is used in order to create some tier or level which is filled by the name of Anime Series. Now, the topmost layer includes the most rated anime series and the bottom layer includes the anime with the minimum fan base and so on. Basically, “Anime Iceberg” is used to measure the popularity of an anime series. The first layer includes anime series like- Naruto, Dragon Ball, Bleach and so on and the last layer includes anime series or movie like- Nami, Shitcon etc (Personally, I have never heard any of them).

Note– Anime Iceberg Vary from time to time. Time is the biggest factor that determine which anime series will put under which tier. For Example, If the Anime Iceberg had been made 10 years ago, Monster Anime Series would be on the 1st Tier.

So, this is all for the details regarding “Anime Iceberg”.

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