Hey Everyone! If you are waiting for the latest updates of your anime. Here is a list of all the anime-related news at a glance. Today is the last day of voting your favorite characters for the Crunchyroll anime awards. If you want to know more, drag below to read it all in one place, all for your convenience.

Here is a glance at the anime submitted for the Oscars

There have been 27 films that have been submitted for the Oscars. They will be considered under the category for the Animated Feature Film for the 93rd annual Academy Awards. Demon Slayer, Earwig & the witch, Lupin III, On- Gaku, Ride Your Wave, and A Whisker Away. Furthermore, it is said that only five of the films on the list will be nominated. To know more about all the contenders, click here to visit the official website of the wrap.

Jujutsu Kaisen is nominated for the best fighting scene. 

There is also a clip attached of the fight scene between Gojo vs. Sakuna. The scene where the Sakuna lands out from the air but Gojo handles it leaves all of us speechless. So if you think the same, don’t forget to vote. Furthermore, Gojo is nominated for the best boy awards in the Crunchyroll anime awards. Also, today is the final day of voting your favorites.

The upcoming Code Geass: Lelouch of the Resurrection Anime Film will get a 4D screening

According to the official website of Code Geass: Lelouch of the resurrection anime film was announced back in December. They have reported that the upcoming film will have 4DX as well as MX4D screenings. Furthermore, it will run in 82 theaters in Japan. The film will release in Japan on January 29. Moreover, Yuriko Chiba has also shared some illustrations.

Illustration: Code Geass

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