Hey Everyone! Waiting for the latest updates of your anime. Here is a list of all the anime-related news at a glance. Few of the manga has also announced live-action. You can know the latest news about anime and manga in one place, just for your convenience.

1. Gintama The Semi-Final Net Anime releases a Special Posts New Trailer

The Gintama franchise has shared a brand new trailer of its upcoming Gintama The Semi-Final. Further, the trailer of the new net anime special apologizes for the long wait of two years. Also, The Semi-Final is the prequel of The Final Film of Gintama. It will release a week before the release of the final film on January 8.

The distribution of the “Gintama The Semi-Final” will be exclusive to DTV. One of the two episodes will be available from 19:00 next Friday. The second episode will release on January 20. To know more about the same, click here to visit their official website.

2. The BL Metamorphosis Manga has announced a Live-Action Film

Metamorphose no Engawa is the Japanese name for BL Metamorphosis. Kadokawa has announced the live-action but did not any hint about the release date. Further, Seven Seas Entertainment will release the series in English.

Tsurutani had previously launched the manga in Comic Newtype of Kadokawa back in November 2017. The manga came to an end recently in October 2020. The final or the fifth volume of the manga will be published with the story collection.

The manga had ranked under the category of female readers in the Kono Manga ga Sugoi! Guidebook. It has also left its mark on the 12th Manga Taisho of 2019 and 22nd Japan Media Arts Festival Awards.

BL Metamorphosis gets a live-action

3. Would you like some coffee? the manga will soon get a Live-action series

The manga Would you like some coffee? Is up for a live-action series. Tokyo TV has recently announced that the live-action series will star Tomoya Nakamura. He will play the protagonist of Hajime Aoyama. Further, the live-action series of the manga will open this year.

4. The Slam Dunk Basketball manga will get a New Film and more 

The creator and illustrator of Slam Dunk Basketball manga have inspired a new film. Previously they did not reveal whether the upcoming film will be a live-action or an anime. Further, Toei Animation is the animation studio for the upcoming film.

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