What’s up, anime fanatics. We are back with another recommendation article for all the Kaifuku Jutsushi no Yarinaoshi fans, but we have something really different and unique this time. We have compiled a list of Anime Similar To Redo of Healer. After a long wait, we finally received an anime adaptation from its source material. But, fans have mixed reactions towards this anime, few like it, and few absolutely hate it. Bilibili has removed Redo of Healer from their website due to a lack of morals and gruesome scenes. The first episode showed the darkest possible representation of revenge and its effect on a person.

It’s a show that depicts the extent to which a person is willing to go to take revenge. The gore scenes and brutality are quite terrifying, but people still tend to watch it. Redo of Healer resorts to great lengths to show the harshness crippling everyone and what it takes to unleash it all. The main protagonist in this anime is pushed to his limits after being broken emotionally and physically. This makes him break his character and hate everything he had done, so he decides to redo everything but reversing the roles this time.

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1.The Rising of the Shield Hero

anime like redo of healer

Shield Hero has a very similar plot to Kaifuku Jutsushi no Yarinaoshi. If you remove the Harem and Hentai scenes, then there you have it. Both the main protagonists are tortured, mentally and emotionally broken. This makes them want to take revenge and go against human morale. What’s more? They both have these rage moments that give you goosebumps and provide immense satisfaction. Still not convinced? In the end, Shield Hero and Redo of Healer have protagonists who are the most powerful in the entire series but don’t show it much.

Rest assured, you will indeed have a character change once you finish watching the series. This anime really tends to make you aware of what people are actually doing to you daily. The Rising of the Shield Hero has been renewed for a second and third season; click here to know more.

All the latest episodes of Shield Hero can be streamed on websites such as Funimation and Crunchyroll.

IMDb: 8.1/10

My Anime List: 8.0/10

Shield Hero Fact: There is a spinoff light novel series based on a character in the anime. The series is called “The Reprise of the Spear Hero.”

2. World’s End Harem

anime similar to redo of healer

World’s End Harem is your typical fantasy turn reality kind of anime. Basically, this anime portrays all of your wildest harem fantasies in the best possible manner. This anime is a direct adaptation of its manga series and has a lot of potential for a particular niche of anime lovers. If you like Kaifuku Jutsushi no Yarinaoshi, I suggest you watch World’s End Harem.

The plot revolves around the last males standing in a world filled with females who desperately need sex to repopulate the world and continue the legacy. But what’s the best a single man can do? Will he be able to achieve his goal, or will there be unknown obstacles to face to get the ultimate price. This is an anime similar to Redo of Healer due to its harem content and wild fantasies of the protagonist. Indeed an underrated anime to look out for in the future.

World’s End Harem Fact: The creator of this series is a female manga artist who goes by the name “Kotaro Shono.”


My Anime List: N/A

3. Interspecies Reviewers

anime like redo of healer

Here we have another anime similar to Redo of Healer but with zero action. This anime focuses on fulfilling the viewer’s wildest and darkest fantasies. Some would basically call this Hentai rather than call it borderline Hentai. It shares characteristics such as dark fantasy and comedy with Redo of Healer, especially the sexual content is very much similar.

Interspecies was not a very big hit among the anime community, and we all know the reason. It’s not an open topic to talk about with your web friends as they tend to label you a pervert. But this anime truly does unleash the perv inside you.

Moreover, it is a must to watch this anime with earphones at all times as the entire anime is filled with words that sound really bad without context. Check out AnimeLab to watch all the episodes of Interspecies Reviewers.

Ishuzoku Reviewers Fact: Funimation canceled the anime series due to its lack of standards for its audience.

IMDb: 7.6/10

My Anime List: 7.58/10

4. Seven Mortal Sins

seven mortal sins

This next anime series is eye candy for all the Yuri lovers. Yes, this anime literally has no male leads and is completely based on yuri. The plot is similar in terms of Redo of Healer due to its revengeful intent and sexual content. Every episode is perfectly planned with no delay in the overall storyline. Furthermore, it is a pleasant anime to watch that makes you feel good when you feel lonely. The ladies in Seven Mortal Sins are on a league of their own.

This feel-good anime has many positive reviews and is on its way to extend its fan base in the future. What makes this really similar to Kaifuku Jutsushi no Yarinaoshi is the first episode. They both interpret the betrayal and anger to seek revenge at the very beginning of the series. The only difference is that all the leads are female characters that are drop-dead gorgeous t look at.

You can watch all the episodes of Seven Mortal Sins on Funimation and Crunchyroll.

Seven Mortal Sins Fact: Seven Mortal Sins is also called “Sin: The 7 Deadly Sins”, not to be confused with the famous seven Deadly Sins Anime.

IMDb: 5.1/10

My Anime List: 5.69/10

5. Goblin Slayer

anime similar to redo of healer - Goblin slayer

Goblin Slayer has a few similar points when compared to Redo of Healer. But it does have the same revengeful trait in both the main protagonists. The Goblin Slayer himself does not have any sexual intent, but he fights goblins that abduct women and do the darkest things possible. It is disturbing in the beginning. Still, it really gets interesting as we get to see a normal human being go against supernatural beings that took away everything from him when he was just a kid.

Although the main protagonist is powerless, he tends to use his smartness and skill to kill goblins. And every time he encounters them, he is one step closer to death. The series is beautifully scripted with many gory scenes, just like Kaiyari but also depicts the rage and underlying lust for revenge of the main protagonist. Goblin Slayer has been renewed for a second season as well; click here to know more.

To watch all the episodes of Goblin Slayer, visit Funimation, Netflix, and Crunchyroll.

Goblin Slayer Fact: The main characters in the anime do not have any real names. They are called by either racial names or guild names.

IMDb: 7.5/10

My Anime List: 7.47/10

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