Once in a while we watch an anime and notice that the overpowered main character just cleans the slate with his opponent. Like he is so overpowered that the fight scenes are like the bad guy trying his hardest while our MC is literally chilling. Anime with Overpowered Main Character is all the craze lately. We all enjoy watching the hero train and improve his skills gradually but in these anime we watch the bad guys humiliating one-sided attempt to take down the protagonist. So let us start the list.

Top 20 Anime with Overpowered Main Character

This list will contain 20 anime series ranked in descending order. We are saving the best for the last although you can pretty much guess who’s going to be at the top. So without any further delay let’s see the first entry to our list.

20. Problem Children are coming from another World, Aren’t They

This story is about our three very Overpowered Main characters, Izayoi, Asuka, and You. They are blessed with over the top very powerful supernatural powers. They used to live a very boring life until they find a strange envelope which transfers them to a place called Little Garden.

Little Garden is a place where all the people participate in Gift Games to earn Money and Fame. The one who summons the trio is Kurousagi who has lost her family’s official status. She Seeks the help of our very overpower main characters allowing them to use their abilities fully in this world. So as you can guess, the Trio absolutely humiliates the opponents in the game. If you want to watch a show with good animation and good characters, this is good for you.

19. Akashic Records of Bastard Magic Instructor

The story is set in a magical world where people are capable of using magic. They go to a Magic Academy which is the equivalent of a school in this world. Alzano Imperial Magic Academy is one of the most prestigious magic academies in the world. One day the teacher in the school got replaced by Glenn Radars. We take a magical world and an overpowered main character we get Glenn.

In the Beginning all the students think that Glenn is a weak Teacher who is not able to use Magic. Thus it was the case until the school gets attacked by Terrorists. There’s one thing the students don’t know about Glenn that he is a Special Military Agent that too the best one till now. He has the ability to nullify any magic and using his God-Level Close Quarter Combat Skills to mop the floor with his enemies. If you want to watch a show with where the MC hides his true strength go for this.

18. Classroom of The Elite

I am pretty sure that all of you must be acquainted with Hachiman from OreGairu, some people consider him the best Main Character in the Anime world. You take Hachiman and give him a savage attitude with overpowered fighting skills. You get the overpowered main character of the show, Kiyotaka Ayanokouji. He has the Smarts, the physique and the abilities to absolutely humiliate the opposing party.

At the beginning of the show he is shown to be a typical average student getting 50% marks in every subject. The school he goes to, Koudo Ikusei Senior High is the best school in the country. In this school everything works on the basis of points and every month students are given points on a merit-based system. Slowly as the story progresses we see that when all his classmates lose hope in tough situations he singlehandedly takes care of the problem thus earning the respect of his peers.

17. Beelzebub

Tatsumi Oga, the overpowered main character in this show is so powerful that he is known as the Demon King in his school. And it’s not a normal school, the school he goes to is a lawless school with all the delinquents. One day after fighting some people, he finds an Old Man Floating in the River. The man Suddenly Splits up and a baby comes out of the split. The baby crawls up to Oga’s head and gets attached to him. The baby is Beelzebub, son of the Demon Lord in hell.

Beelzebub is attracted to the Strongest People, and he chooses Oga as his guardian because of the Immense power inside Oga. Over time demons are sent to capture Beelzebub and kill Oga. Oga being overpowered he is destroying everyone who is sent to fight him along with Hilda who was the Baby King’s maid. This show is a pure comedic experience with a badass lead.

16. Death Note

Death Note is probably the most famous anime out there. Everyone has heard of it sometime in their life. Light Yagami is the overpowered main character in the show. He is not physically powerful nor does he have special skill moves or something of that sort. His intellect and his ability to use the Death Note will end anyone who stands in his path.

Death Note Manga Gets New One Shot Chapter In February

As long as Light knows the full name of the person he can end their life in an instant. The light nearly kills everyone who stands up to him in Deathnote without even breaking a sweat. With his genius intellect and his Death Note he is capable of ending everyone’s life.

15. Full Metal Alchemist: Brotherhood

Full Metal Alchemist is humanities fight against the Homunculi and the seven sins of hell. We follow the story of two brothers one of whom is Edward Elric who after tragically losing one of his arms decides to become an alchemist someday bringing back his brother’s real body and his arm back. His abilities and his perfect control over alchemy allow him to whoop the floor with the Homunculi. He has the power to change the entire battlefield according to his whims.


In his battles he can do alchemy without the use of any circles and he can transform any substance into a weapon. Therefore Edward Elric is one of the most overpowered main Characters in anime.

14. No Game No Life

No Game No Life follows the story of two sibling protagonists, Sora and Shiro. Both of them qualify to be overpowered main characters. They get transferred to a world where games determine everything. And Sora and Shiro who basically spent all their life as a NEET, gaming all day, learning the strategies of every game they can be seen as Gods in this world.

They absolutely defeat everyone in the games they participate in. Just with the help of their brains and intellect they can overpower or in this case overthink anyone in this world. No Game No Life is very underrated so I hope you will give this try. I absolutely recommend No Game No Life.

13. Assassination Classroom

Assassination generally speaking doesn’t just one Main Character, rather it has quite a few. Kuro-sensei is one of the most overpowered main characters in the show. He has the speed to outfly a Fighter jet that too by several margins. He also has the strength to punch a hole through the moon. He can obliterate any opponent in the entire Earth.


He takes the entire Earth Hostage and says that he will destroy it unless the people who he teaches are able to end his life in one academic year. Despite having extreme raw strength he also has a very good intellect and he’s quite a trickster himself. Assassination Classroom is a very good anime built on a strong cast of characters each with their dark past along with Kuro-Sensei’s own past.

12. The Seven Deadly Sins

Seven Deadly Sins is a group of knights who is responsible for protecting the kingdom. The Leader of the Seven Deadly Sins is also our overpowered main character, Meliodas. Melidos is also known as The Dragon’s Sin of Wraith, that title in itself is pretty badass. While he may look small and cute with a happy go lucky personality with perverted thoughts, if anyone tries to hurt his friends or his loved ones,  he can take an exactly opposite role.

Seven Deadly Sins Season 4 Episode 20

He actually holds immense Demonic strength which he hasn’t yet show anywhere. He also has the ability to control the flames of Hell and the ability to counter any damage he receives. He is very overpowered but he hasn’t even shown his true power.

11. Bleach

Bleach follows the story of Kurosaki Ichigo. He is our overpowered main character. But like any normal Shounen anime, it takes a bit of time and training for him to achieve this title. He has a great ability to counter opponents and he actually studies their movements and can counter them. He has God Slaying Strength inside him and along with superb Sword Skills he can defeat even the reality-bending gods and other characters.

The True Source of his strength is actually the immense spiritual power inside him. And his never give up ability which we see in many shounen protagonists.

10. That time I Got Reincarnated as a Slime

After Satoru gets reincarnated in a magical world. He takes the form of slime because he got stabbed to death his wish is to get reincarnated in a body is not prone to damage. In this different world, he soon discovers his new abilities. He has the power to absorb all living beings and after absorbing it he’s capable of using their abilities. He meets Veldora, a legendary dragon who submits himself to Satoru as he becomes his friend and brother. Satoru takes the name of Rimura Tempest and also becoming an overpowered main character.

With unlimited potential and his knowledge from the previous world allowed him to make his own city where the is no discrimination between demon folks. He battles strong opponents without breaking a sweat and later consumes them thus becoming more powerful after his every battle.

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9. Overlord

When the popular Virtual Reality MMORPG game Yggdrasil is shutting down its servers after 12 years, our Max Level Overpowered Main Character Momonga doesn’t log out to spend his final moments in the game. Strangely, after the shutdown, Momonga is not able to log out and is unable to leave the game world. He is part of the strongest guild in the game, Ainz Oaal Gown. And for some reason, the game NPCs have developed personalities.

Thus he begins his quest to solve this mystery and the one logical solution is taking over the world. His guildmates have left their equipment and their NPC creations who are overpowered themself. Thus what you see in this show basically is Momonga who has taken the name of his Guild absolutely destroying everyone in the show by simply outwitting, overpowering, and outclassing them.

8. Hellsing Ultimate

Every one of us has heard about the legendary Dracula. Alucard it the legendary Dracula who is under Helsing Organization. Alucard does the legendary fact justice, he is overpowered in every way. This overpowered main character is literally immortal due to the number of souls he has absorbed. Alucard can’t be ended. And I don’t know if you noticed this but Alucard spelled backward is Dracula.

He wields double pistol, oh sorry I mean dual cannons which just look like a pistol. He also has an army of demon dongs which he can summon to tear the enemy apart. He literally is overkill, just when it starts looking like Alucard is about to lose, he gets even stronger. Alucard is overpowered in every way.

7. Naruto

Naruto may be the most overpowered main character in Naruto, that’s why the name of the show is Naruto XD. He can go against nearly anyone in the show. His ability to enter Sage Mode, Nine tail Beast mode, and nine tail Asura Mode. Those abilities are overpowered in itself. After the Grand Shinobi war, he gains the ability to use the other tailed beast’s chakra and their Kekkai Genkai.

Best Anime Duo

After he becomes the Hokage, he get’s even more skilled. Taijutsu, ninjutsu he’s great at both. His iconic Rasengan has many forms which all can be used against different opponents.

6. Berserk

Berserk feathers the Black Swordsman, Guts. He generally carries a massive demon-slaying sword. He also has a prosthetic arm canon and an armor which suppresses pain. although the anime doesn’t do justice to this overpowered main character. The manga sure does. He spares no one who blocks his paths. And a surprise is that he doesn’t have any magical powers or abilities. He overpowers everyone just by his physical strength alone.

Guts cut down demons like a hot knife through butter. He doesn’t even spare Gods butchering them. He has defied death multiple times and can stand his ground against any foe.

5. Mob Psycho 100

Mob Psycho is a really good ad fun to watch anime. It’s a show about the Mob, an esper. His real name is Kageyama Shigo but people like to call him Mob. He is an ultra-powerful esper who is able to use telekinesis and other strong psychic abilities. He has to keep his emotions in check as if he loses control of his emotions all hell breaks loose.

Mob Psycho 100 Season 3 Release Date

His abilities are said to be on par with nation ending natural disasters. No one can even take a hit of his full power nor block or deflect them. Mob if he somehow loses control of his feeling the area near him would just be destroyed in an instant.

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4. The Irregular at the Magical High school

Magic is equivalent to science in this world. In schools Students now learn magic as a technical skill. The students are segregated into two parts, blooms and weeds. They both have a different skillset and learn different things. What happens when a top-covert agent enters the school but he’s unable to use magic. People think that he is talent-less under unlike his sister who is abloom. But no Tatsuya our secret agent is the most overpowered main character in the show.


Despite him not having any magic affinity, he is really good at fighting and technical knowledge. Generally speaking, he is way up in power comparison against a bloom. He foils a terrorist attack like it’s a piece of cake for him, can take out anyone with just his close-quarter combat skills. He is the very definition of a badass overpowered main character.

3. Jojo’s Bizzare Adventure

The entire JoJo series has the most overpowered Main Characters the anime world has ever seen. With humongous bodies, strong human abilities and the smarts to save the world multiple times. One of the strongest is Jotaro Kujo. He is smart and tough with the ability to counter anything.


His Stand is Star Platinum which allows him to stop time itself and strike them down with his overpowered fists of justice. There is no way to defend against him and his Stand. He humiliates his opponents and grows even more powerful as the story progresses.

2. Dragon Ball Series

Everyone knows Goku and everyone knows he is one of the most overpowered main characters in a show. He is capable of destroying planets with ease. Goku is regarded as the strongest martial artist in the whole dragon ball universe. With all the recent power he has acquired he can beat them in the blink of an eye.

Anime Quote - Truthful Words

Ultra Instinct allows him to become really overpowered. If Goku fights with his full potential he can destroy an entire universe. The whole Dragon Ball story starts with Goku the monkey tailed boy living in the woods alone and through the entire journey Goku is seen to decimate foes wiping the floor with them.


1.One-Punch Man

Saitama from One-Punch Man is without any doubt the strongest among the overpowered main characters. He is not called one punch man for anything. He can just beat everyone, like everyone in the world with just one punch. He can withstand even a nuclear explosion. Till now we haven’t even seen his full power. He is just a hero for fun because literally nothing in life gives him excitement.

Top 20 Overpowered Main character

He is shown to defeat the enemies who are also overly powered just with a single punch. He is literally filled with emptiness inside him since he has obtained the peak and is waiting for someone who can stand up to him someday.

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So this is it for the Top 20 anime with overpowered Main characters with strong leads and amazing scenes. Be sure to follow the list and find an anime you like. Read up more on our other recommendations.

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