Attack on Titan chapter 135 has completed its installment and is ready to be published. This means that no further delay in the manga is expected and the latest chapter will drop exactly on the scheduled date. In this blog, we will discuss everything you need to know about Attack on Titan Chapter 135 Release Date.

Attack on Titan Chapter 135 Release Date

Attack on Titan Chapter 135 Release Date

After the release of Chapter 134, fans are eagerly waiting to witness the events that will take place in Attack on Titan Chapter 135. Since there is no delay in the release of the next chapter, AOT Chapter 135 will release as per its current schedule.

Attack on Titan Chapter 135 releases on 9th December 2020. Stay tuned with Spoilerguy for mode details on AOT Chapter 135.

Where to read Attack on Titan Chapter 135?

Where to read Attack on Titan Chapter 135?

All the latest chapter of Attack on Titan are available to read on Kodansha Comics. Please do read the manga on the official websites provided as we highly condemn the usage of illegal websites.

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Attack on Titan Chapter 135 Spoilers and Updates!

AOT Chapter 135 is complete. Which assures that there won’t be a shift in the release date. But what does it mean in terms of Spoilers and Raw scans? Given the current situation, no raw scans and spoilers have been released. Moreover, fans don’t want their favorite manga to get spoiled.

Attack on Titan manga is at with only 1%-2% of the series left to be completed. To fully capture the essence of Attack on Titan chapter 135, we suggest reading the manga officially on the scheduled release date.

Attack on Titan chapter 134 – Recap

  • Attack on Titan manga is on the brink of war, the chapter begins with Historia giving birth.
  • All the wall titans start killing everyone and the rest of the people who try to escape end up falling over the ledge.
  • Surprisingly the airships arrive and starting bombing the titans.
  • But Beast titan emerges from the founding titan’s spine and swings debris at the airships causing them to explode to due carrying bombs.
  • The Beast titan single-handedly takes down the entire frontline squad of airships.
  • Suddenly, a ray of hope appears from above. The Survey corps arrive on a plane that’s low on fuel.
  • They somehow manage to make a combined squad jump as Armin screams Beast titan to be their foremost target.
  • After the squad jumps a flash of bright lightning is seen, Reiner Braun shifts into the Armoured titan in the most epic way possible.
  • Pieck also transforms into the cart titan and the survey corps land on the Founding Titan’s Spine. Thus, starts the most epic battle in Attack on Titan History.

About Attack on Titan Manga

Attack on Titan Chapter 135 Release Date, Where to Read AOT Chapter 135?

Hajime Isayama created Shingeki no Kyojin in 2009 and published it via Kodansha. At the time it wasn’t very popular. But as it started circulating amongst the readers it grew in popularity. Hence, started the great journey of Shingeki no Kyojin manga. The manga is currently ongoing even after running for 11 years. Attack on Titan manga has reached its 134th chapter after 32 successful volumes.

Isayama has stated that the manga will end in 2020. After reading Chapter 134 of Attack on Titan, fans are eager to know what will happen in Chapter 135 as the story has reached its pinnacle. AOT Chapter 135 will release on December 9th, 2020. Make sure to check it out at the earliest.

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