The manga Attack on Titan is on the verge of ending with a pool of climax. The AoT fans worldwide have numerous assumptions and expectations from the Shingeki no Kyojin manga. But the last few chapters will decide it all. The title of Attack on Titan Chapter 138 is A Long Dream. It is the second final chapter of the manga. So it is expected to serve us with a few of the much-awaited answers. Among them, everyone is wondering about how the story will end for Eren.

Attack on Titan Chapter 138

The chapter has many assumptions, and due to Reddit, there are and out social media, there are a lot of discussions on the upcoming chapter. Attack on Titan has already shocked us with a lot of uncertain deaths previously. Destruction and Compromise are officially confirmed, so it might all hit us at the last chapter or AoT Chapter 138.

In the last chapters, we saw Levi was at his limit. Therefore, the chance of him surviving against the titans is less. To know his fate, we have to wait for it till April 9th, 2021, patiently. Chapter 138 of Attack on Titan will also provide us some insights into the Survey Corps. After what happened in the rumbling experienced. The two primary possible outcomes which are discussed in all the famous platforms are either Levi’s death. Eren is getting crystallized for Eren’s death.

Attack on Titan had killed the characters when it was least expected. Levi is one of the main characters to have survived, and some say it’s because he has a large fan base. Along with it, our Ackerman is also injured heavily and going through a lot. Mikasa is there to save humanity and kill the Titans, but she becomes unpredictable when it comes to Eren. There are also explanations where it is said that Eren might be crystalized or theories where he may give up his life for a better future.

There were numerous other assumptions about the anime as well. But Isayama has proved us wrong; He has served us with a thrilling plot from the very beginning. So at the end of the day, the probable assumptions can be all proved to be wrong. Hajime Isayama may prove us all wrong and startle us with a different ending altogether.

Shingeki no Kyojin Chapter 138 Release Date – When will it air?

The Attack on Titan is very punctual with its release date unless they have already announced a delay. Therefore as per the schedule, the AOT chapter 138 will release on 9 March 2021 in Japan.

Attack on Titan Chapter 138 – Spoilers, Raw Scans

Attack on Titan Chapter 138 has few speculations and assumptions, and some of them are Annie, Pieck, Levi, or Mikasa might face death. Eren will not sacrifice himself or anything as per the previous speculations. Also, The Warhammer is probably hidden in the Colossal titan.

As per previous chapters, Gabi, Piek, and Annie will meet their original families. Gabi will have an emotional moment with his parents. Also, Pieck and Annie will meet their respective fathers. A Titan will attack Riener. As for Armin, he will change into a Colossal Titan to face Eren. Chapter 138 of Attack on Titan will showcase many memories.

There might be scenes where Mikasa will be traveling in a Falco with Levi. She will have the scarf tied around her neck, which Eren gave her when he rescued her. With Levi’s help, Mikasa will enter the mouth of the Eren’s Attack Titan. There might be moments between Mikasa and Eren after which Mikasa will bid goodbye to her old friend. With everything happening, Ymir will watch everything but from far away.

It is revealed that the title of the chapter is “Humanity’s New Dawn.” Zeke is expected to be in the path of one of the Beast Titan forms. He won’t be aware of anything happening around him. On the other hand, Historia will give birth to the child, and Riener is expected to have a grave injury. Even though Armin will try his best to save Reiner, it may not end well for Reiner. Ymir watches everything from far. While Levi falls from high and injures his leg badly. Jean will manage to catch Pieck but a Titan will eat up Connie.

Falco will end up killing the titan responsible for Connie’s death. Mikasa, Jean, and Pieck are all engaged in the battle, and on the other hand, Ymir will talk about the new world and its beginning. Armin injures himself and turns to a Titan. Ymir will also meet Eren and speak about Historia’s baby. But not much is revealed about the conversation. Therefore, to know about it more we need to wait.

Where to Read SNK Chapter 138?

All the chapters of Shingeki no Kyojin manga are available to read on Kodansha. You can read the 138th chapter of Attack on Titan manga officially on Kodansha Comics, as well.

We highly condemn piracy to read the manga.

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This is it for Chapter 138 of Attack on Titan. We will update the article with more details as soon as it releases.