What’s up aot fans? It’s been a long time and the wait is not yet over. Attack on Titan anime has not met its end yet. If you still haven’t heard or seen any spoilers then this post is specifically for. Congratulations by the way for making it oast all the spoilers and memes on the internet. Your efforts haven’t gone in vain. But allow us to warn you that the very end of this article will contain spoilers of  Attack on Titan Episode 76. Coming back to the topic, in this article, you weebs will find out everything there is to know about “Attack on Titan Episode 76, “The Titan Battle”- Release Date Confirmed?”

Attack on Titan Episode 76

attack on titan episode 76
attack on titan episode 76

Attack on Titan anime has surpassed multiple animes and has gone on to rank on the top of IMDB’s list of highest-rated series episodes. The growth of this anime is simply insane and immeasurable compared to any anime out there. Trust me when I say this, there will never be an anime that will make you cry, scream, laugh, and beat yourself like Attack on Titan.

Having read the manga, we can assure you that you are in for a ride that will change the way you see anime forever. Your standards will literally shoot through the roof after seeing what Isayama had planned 11 years before. Attack on Titan Episode 76 specifically will have a lot of mixed reactions as the 2 monstrous titans battle it out (Attack Titan Vs Armored Titan).

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Attack on Titan Episode 76 Release Date

If you still haven’t read the manga you are in for a life-changing journey. But taking into consideration the number of spoilers that are already circulating the internet, it will become increasingly difficult to stay away from them towards the end. Memes/edits such as”can’t wait for this scene to be animated” will definitely capture your attention and subconsciously spoil the main plot for you.

The official Attack on Titan episode 76 release date hasn’t been announced yet by any officials or the production team. As of now, the only news we have is that the second part of Attack on Titan will be releasing this coming winter. But what does that mean? in Japan, winter lasts from December 2021 to March 2022. The exact month is also yet to be announced, but patience is key as we might receive an OVA episode in between.

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What Happens Next In Aot Episode 76?

Note: The following content contains major spoilers taken from the events occurring in the manga. If you are bothered by spoilers and wish to stay away from them, we kindly request you to skip this part of the article. 

Attack on Titan Episode 76 will feature Eren going against Reiner in order to meet his brother and start the rumbling. Reiner is hell-bent on stealing the founding titan by himself to avenge all of his fallen comrades and citizens. The cart titan, jaw titan, and armored titan gang up on Eren to capture the powers of the founding titan and ultimately prevent the rumbling from taking place. These events might take place in the following chapters as well depending on how fast MAPPA can animate them. Regardless of everything, Attack on Titan will definitely go down as one of the best anime of all time.

Attack on Titan Episode 76 – Latest Updates!

Unfortunately, we haven’t received any latest updates regarding the release date of Attack on Titan Episode 76. But if we were to speculate we can expect some form of speculation or announcement from the production team somewhere near October 2021.  For more such information, do make sure to stay updated with us at Spoilerguy.

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About Attack on Titan Anime

Attack on Titan first received its anime adaptation back in 2013. The anime has successfully completed airing 75 episodes and 8 Original video animations. Now it is set to release Attack on Titan Season 4 part 2 in 2022. The name Shingeki no Kyojin or Attack on Titan is probably one of the most known names in the history of anime. Wit Studios have gone through ups and downs with this anime but has come out shining with every single episode, and now MAPPA is continuing the same.

The gore, action scenes, and the overall plot are something that no other anime has. This anime easily defeats all the anime present in the genre of dark fantasy. The fan base that Attack on Titan has created over the years is unbeatable. There are practically no haters for AOT as it is simply perfect.