In the Latest Chapter of Boruto, Boruto Chapter 52. Naruto finally after so many years gets his new form, Baryon Mode. We fans have been waiting for his new forever. This Naruto New From is so powerful that if he uses it, it will kill him.

What is Naruto’s Final Form?

In Chapter 52 of Boruto, fans after waiting for a whole month got to see Naruto’s new from. It’s called Baryon Mode. It’s basically a more powerful form of his Kurama Mode. Also starting from this chapter Naruto Creator Masashi Kishimoto will take over Boruto.

This is actually huge for Boruto and its success as a Manga series and Anime too. Well, keep on reading to get more information about Naruto’s Strongest New and Possibly his final From at Spoilerguy.

How does Baryon Mode Work?Baryon Mode! Naruto's Strongest Form

Kurama Explains that Naruto had this since the beginning, but the result of using this is potential death. This New Naruto From can be compared to Might Guy’s Eight Gate of Hell. And we all know how powerful and deadly that form is both for the user and their opponent.

It’s basically a two-way blade. So back to explaining how this mode works. Basically, Kurama describes this Nuclear Fusion Mode is similar to how Sun Glows and  Produces Energy.

In Simple Science terms, Nuclear Fusion takes place on the Sun with the help of Hydrogen Molecules. These molecules break and a huge amount of energy is created. This is also how Nuclear Bombs work in General. Baryon Mode! Naruto's Strongest Form

Therefore, Naruto’s new form can be compared to how a Nuclear Bomb explodes. Naruto and Kurama’s Chakra act as kernels for the production of a new kind of Chakra or Energy as Kurama calls it. This newly created energy is different from Normal Kurama Mode. Because in this mode they both use their Chakra or Life Energy as Fuels rather than borrowing Chakra from elsewhere.

This is a form which necessarily doesn’t have any advantage what so ever because of the cost and the toll on your life it causes. Baryon mode or the Nuclear Fusion Mode is a double-edged blade.

However, since Isshiki’s life span was for only 20 hours, Naruto bought it down to 10 mins using his form. That’s why Kurama Decided to use this mode else it wouldn’t be a good option elsewhere.

How Powerful is Baryon Mode?

Baryon Mode gives Naruto such a boost that no one on the battlefield can believe it. Sasuke as well as Isshiki are baffled at seeing this much energy. Naruto gains a lot of Charka in Baryon Mode. On top of that, his reflexes and speed become even faster than his movement seems godlike.

Isshiki who is very good in Hand-to-Hand combat gets knocked out in one hit from Naruto in this mode. In this mode, Naruto becomes much strongest Than Isshiki but only for a small amount of time.

Naruto previously in his Kurama Mode couldn’t keep up at all with Isshiki. However, in Baryon Mode he’s effortlessly keeping up with Isshiki. He’s also able to catch Isshiki’s Chakra Rods with his hands. And mind you, those rods were so fast that Sasuke’s Sharingan couldn’t keep up with them.

However, as time passes Naruto keeps on burning up his Chakra inching closer to death by every second.

Why is Baryon Mode so Powerful?

As Baryon mode works on Nuclear Fusion uses both their life force as energy, Kurama tells Naruto to not waste even 0.1% of it. Kurama tells Naruto to not make any unnecessary movements. This mode is highly comparable to Ultra Instincts from Dragon Ball.

Baryon is basically a subatomic particle that is made by two atoms combining and making a heavier new atom and a huge amount of energy. Essentially, Naruto and Kurama’s charka is clashing continuously creating a huge amount of energy as well as a new form of Chakra.

Is this Naruto’s Great Sacrifice? 

Apparently, Naruto had the ability to use his Baryon Mode for a long time. According to Kurama, he never told Naruto this because there hadn’t been any need to use this life-threatening from before.Baryon Mode! Naruto's Strongest Form

Sasuke and Isshiki were also confused about this new form. When naruto wanted to know how this Nuclear Fusion Form Worked, Kurama Explained that this is similar to how Sun Produces the energy.

The Great Sacrifice for this from is, Naruto and Kurama both use their Chakra Kernels for the process of Nuclear Fusion which produces a lot of energy. But the thing is the recoil of using this Nuclear Fusion mode is too much for a human to handle.

Since Isshiki by far is the strongest enemy that Naruto and Sasuke are Facing to date. Kurama though this time he needs to tell Naruto to use his Final Form.

Who is Isshiki? How is he related to Kaguya?

Isshiki is by far the strongest Antagonist in Bortuo and Naruto. He’s a member of the Otsusuki Clan’s Main Family. He also is the leader of the Kara which is a secret organization that plans to take all the chakra from the people of earth.

We also come to learn that the Otsusuki come to different planets in Pairs of Two. So basically Isshiki and Kaguya were the pair who were tasked to bring back the chakra fruit from Earth. Kaguya was the main Antagonist from the Naruto Shippuden Series.

Kaguya was powerful and godlike in herself, but Isshiki is the stronger one of the pair. The Otsusuki come in pairs because one acts as a host for the ten tails and the other one looks after and cultivates the fruit.

Will Naruto Die from Using the Baryon Mode?

This is one of the questions which will highly upset Naruto forms. No great thing comes without Sacrifice. As Naruto Stated in Boruto Chapter 52, he will either kill Isshiki or he will sacrifice himself and take him down with himself.

Well in simple words it’s likely that Naruto will die or like Might Guy spend his life in a wheelchair or something. Baryon mode takes a huge toll on the body, however, Kurama has a plan.

In the fight, Isshiki starts spitting blood and notices that his body’s life span is decreasing greatly with each Naruto’s hit. According to Kurama, Baryon Mode also shortens the life span of someone with whom you come in contact.

That’s why Kurama tells Naruto to just focus on getting hits in, and not to waste his life energy. Things look a bit promising for Naruto surviving this fight when Kurama tells him that Isshiki only has 30 mins left to live.

Baryon Mode Vs Kurama Mode

Well, many fans must be thinking about which one of the two is strongest. Well no doubt, if we compare the raw stats of the Baryon mode of that to the Kurama mode. We find out that Baryon Mode is way powerful. It was able to one-shot down Isshiki with his elbow.

He was also able to catch Isshik’s Chakra Rods which Sasuke wasn’t even able to see. But the thing is Baryon mode is not very sustainable. It’s a two-edged blade. Nuclear Fusion takes a lot of energy. Therefore it only gives you a major advantage for a few minutes.

Whereas, while compared to that Kurama Mode is actually very Sustainable as Naturo has a large reserve of Chakra. And his Affinity with Kurama makes it highly efficient. So that means Baryon mode is some what of a last-ditch effort at the cost of your life energy.

My thoughts on Baryon Mode?

Basically, the whole Baryon Mode works on the principle that Naruto and Kurama are combining together. Similar to how Nuclear Fusion, there is also a process known as Nuclear Fission which involves splitting the combined atoms.

However, Baryon mode is a highly inefficient form, in which Naruto only lasted for a minute or so. However since the Fusion of Chakra’s is possible, fission of Chakras might also be possible. Since Naruto’s life force is used as fuel for the Baryon Mode, he can use a little bit of that force to split his chakra from Kurama thus returning to normal.

However, this mode is powerful if Naruto finds a way to use it properly. My guess is with he the help of Sage Energy he will be able to survive the effects and repercussion of this mode.

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