If you were wondering about the next Beastars release! Then you will be glad to know that Beastars is finally set to premiere on January 5, 2021! In the live-stream event of Fuji TV Anime Lineup Unveiling, 2020 it has released a new promotional video.

Beastars Second Season

The continuation of the second season will be broadcasted on Fuji Tv +Ultra and other channels. It will be released from January 6, every Wednesday at 24:55. Though Netflix has scheduled for exclusive distribution from January 5 episode 2 every Thursday.

Furthermore, Taiten Kusunoki is joining the second season as Ibuki and Yuuki Kaji as Pina.

Beastars Second Season Trailer

Beastars is a Japanese manga series. It is illustrated and written by Paru Itagaki. The manga debuted in Weekly Shōnen Champion in September 2016. Beastars has publisCherryton Academyhed a total of 17 Volumes. Soon with its growing popularity, it was developed into an anime. It is issued in September 2016. Beastars has won multiple awards for its story and amazing response. Through which it has won the first Akita Shoten title. Another achievement of Beasters is the Manga Taishō Award.features the opening theme song “Kaibutsu” (Monster) by the duo YOASOBI.

Shinichi Matsumi is directing the anime. Nanami Higuchi for the screenplay. Nao Otsu CG Cheif as the character designer. Eiji Inomoto is the art director. Minami Kasuga in charge of colour design. Ken Hashimoto as the photo director. Junya Enoki. Subaru Kimura performing the Opening Theme YOASOBI “Monster” (Sony Music Entertainment) Official Website bst-anime.

The first season of Beastars was broadcasted on Netflix, + Ultra Fuji TV, and TV Nishinippon. It was shown outside Japan on March 13.

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