Howdy guys, in this post we are going to be talking about Black Butler Chapter 164. In this post, we will be discussing the official release date of Black Butler Chapter 164. Besides this, we will be also be discussing where you can read chapter 164 of Black Butler. So, let’s get started-

(Note- This Post May Contain Spoilers. If Spoilers Bother You, We Suggest You Proceed With Utmost Care)

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So in the previous chapter, Sebastian and Ciel had Mey-Rin (An Assasin) as a guest. Sebastian offered her tea and meal with some interrogation after she ate her meal. In the interrogation, Sebastian asked her about residence. This is when she replied that she only remember the moment of stealing and killing so far.

Later, Ciel and Sebastian showed a welcome gesture by shaking hands as they welcoming her in Phantom-Hive house. Besides this, Sebastian showed her the whole house where male and female has different vaults with all the means of comfort which was quite impressive.

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At the end of the chapter, Former servants got happy by seeing new guests in the house. It was when Finney put her thoughts to work with Mey-Rin. As they both were shaking hands, Sebastian told Finny that her hand should be in good shape as she is a sniper.

Now, let’s talk about Black Butler 164-

Black Butler Chapter 164 Release Date

Black Butler Chapter 164 will be released on 18 May 2020. As we all know that this Manga runs on a monthly schedule of releasing chapters every month. As Black Butler Chapter 163 was released on 19 April 2020. So according to this Chapter 164 will release on 18th May 2020. For more updates, please visit SpoilerGuy.

Black Butler Chapter 164 Spoilers And Raw Scans

The spoilers and leaks are basically the raw scans, that are being translated by the popular translators on the internet. But you may not worry, we will make sure to add the leaks and spoilers to the article, as soon as they’re out. You can put your opinions regarding Black Butler Manga’s chapter 164 – in the comment section below. Furthermore, the spoilers of Black Butler 149 are expected to release on 15th May 2020.

Black butler chapter 164

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Where To Read Black Butler Chapter 164?

Unfortunately, up till now, there is no official website where you can read Black Butler. So you can read the manga on G Fantasy Magazine by buying it so that it could help the creators. However, there are some unauthorized online platforms where you can read black butler chapter 164. But we are highly against it.

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