Black Clover Chapter 248 Spoilers are out! Black Clover manga is currently following the 11th arc of the manga, which follows the alliance of the Clover Kingdom and the Heart Kingdom against the Spade Kingdom. You can scroll to the bottom to read the spoilers.

The previous chapter of the manga introduces a new character, strong enough to take down the four Spirit Guardians all alone. Svenkin is the Henchmen of Vanice, a member of Dark Triad. The chapter ends with a few words exchanged during, Luck vs Svenkin. Readers are looking forward to this fight between Luck and Svenkin in Black Clover 248.

In this post, we will be discussing the upcoming events and the release date for Black Clover Manga Chapter 248. Moreover, this post may contain spoilers from the upcoming chapter. So if being spoiled is not for you – you may stop reading now.

Black Clover Chapter 248

The 248th page of the Black Clover manga will revolve around the continuation of the fight between Luck and the Dark Disciple. It’s a matter of time until we see the encounter of the Third member of the Dark Triad, Vanice.

Readers can also expect the encounter of Noelle and others with Vanice, as Megicula is the one who cursed Noelle’s mother and Lolopechka.

Besides this, the spoilers and leaks are now out for Black Clover 248 – and it seems Luck is going to get a great power-up in this chapter.

Black Clover Manga 248 Release Date

The Black Clover manga chapter 248 will be officially available on 26 April 2020 as the series is on one-week hiatus due to COVID-19. You can read chapter 248 of Black Clover manga on Viz.

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Black Clover Manga Spoilers And Raw Scans

As per the spoilers, Luck is finally going to be one of the strongest characters from the Magic Knights. The training Luck and others did for the past six months, was worth it. Well, here is the tweet for the spoilers:

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As per the spoilers, Luck vs Svenkin continues. Luck has finally unveiled the spell, Gaja seems to use at the beginning of this arc.

Luck borrows the natural mana from the environment and performs a strong lightning spell against the Dark Disciple. Borrowing Mana from nature was introduced by Princess Lolopechika, back at the beginning when they first met.

Based on this chapter, Luck has gotten a lot stronger. More spoilers regarding Black Clover chapter 248 will be out soon, till then follow us on Twitter.

There are still some unanswered questions like – Who is the strongest member of the Dark Triad? Will Yuno get a Powerup? Will Noelle face Megicula?

Well, this might be a bit too early to speculate. But, the Black Clover manga is going to get a lot darker from here. Some deaths are highly expected in the upcoming chapters.