Black Clover: Asta and Yuno’s Past Revealed, Who Are Yuno’s Parents, What’s the secret behind Yuno’s Unbelievable magical prowess?

Howdy, if you are looking for an answer to all these questions then, you’re at the right place. Moreover, this post may contain spoilers from the recent manga chapters of Black Clover. If spoilers bother you, you should stop reading now. Otherwise, you can go ahead. Currently, Black Clover anime is following the arc of Midnight Sun and as usual, the manga is far ahead. Fans are loving the plot twists and the character developments in the series. Whatsoever, the current arc questions a lot on Asta’s demon and Yuno’s past.

As for Asta’s past, there have been various discussions and theories on the internet. However, no theory was as convincing as him having an immense power within him. Asta was born with no magic, which is practically impossible. The life force of a human is mana itself. So, how can a person with no mana still alive?

Asta is a homunculus? No, don’t worry. The creator of Black Clover denied the fact of Asta being an artificial human.

Well, we actually wrote a theory article on Asta’s parents and the demon that dwells within him. Click here to read it.

Yuno's Past Revealed!

As for Yuno’s past, the recent manga chapter of Black Clover said it loud and clear. Yuno is a prince and the heir of Grinbellior family from the Spade Kingdom. Yuno’s mother is Lady Loyce and Yuno’s father is Lord Ciel. The Zogratis Siblings attacked the royal castle and killed the royals, one after another with the power of the Devil. It seems Yuno’s parents, i.e, Grinbellior family was ruling the Spade Kingdom before the attack.

The royal servants somehow managed to guard Yuno and took him to Hage Village’s church in the Clover kingdom. Regardless of his past, Yuno still feels of himself as a Magic Knight of Clover Kingdom.

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