Howdy guys, In this post we are going to discuss upcoming events of Black Clover Chapter 237. Besides this, this post may contain spoilers. If spoilers bother you, I suggest you stop here. So, let’s get started-

Last week, Black Clover Chapter 236 was released. And as expected, fans showed a positive response. Although, I personally liked the chapter. Although we did get to see a lot of Yuno’s moment. It is already revealed in the previous chapters that Yuno is a lot more stronger than before. Yuno used Spirit’s Hushed Dance in order to dodge the stone attacks and saved his injured comrades at the same time. Besides this, the fight between Yuno and Gaderois already began. And fans like me are eager to know what is going to happen in chapter 237?. As we mentioned above that we are going to reveal some details regarding Chapter 237. So, let’s get going-

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Black Clover Chapter 237

According to our sources, Black Clover chapter 237 going to release on 26th January 2020. However, the official scans of the chapters are expected to be released on 24th January. Besides this, if the predictions are right, then the spoilers of chapter 237 will be released on 25th January 2020. So, stay tuned for further details regarding the Black Clover manga/chapter. So, what do you think of this update of Black Clover manga? And what do you think, will Asta make his appearance in the next chapter on the current story arc? Let us know your view in the comment section.

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