“The Door To Hell” is finally open. The Passage that connects the demon world to the human is finally open and guess what, the series features Devils Of The Highest Order. So, who are they? Are they really that powerful?. Well, yeah we are going to answer these in question in this post. So, howdy guys, in this post, we are going to be talking about Black Clover Chapter 280. When can we expect the chapter to be released? Or where you can read chapter 280 of Black Clover legally? Let’s find out-

The black clover franchise is proving itself with the amazing storyline they are serving. Hats off to Yuki Tabata. The unfolding of events of the previous chapter was quite unexpected. The series is getting interesting after each passing episode and fans are eagerly waiting for the upcoming chapter. So, let’s get started-

Note- This post will contain the details from the previous chapters which might be some spoilers for you. So, if spoilers bother you, we suggest you read it with the utmost care. Later, We will update the article with all the possible spoilers, leaks, and raw scans for Black Clover Chapter 280, including the sources to read it online. So you needn’t worry. Make sure you read the complete article for all the detail.

Black Clover Chapter 280

The 280th chapter of Black Clover is something that Black Clover fans are seeking for. The unexpected turn of events in the previous chapter includes the introduction of 2 high-order devils. What do you think, what is going to happen? Let’s find out-

Black Clover 280

When to expect the release date of Black Clover Manga Chapter 280?

This might be the most obvious question because fans are super eager to know the details regarding Black Clover 280. So, as per the schedule, Black Clover Chapter 280 is going to release on 31st January 2021.

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When will the Raw Scans, Leaks, and Spoilers will release?

The events of the previous chapter fill fans with beans and they would like to know the upcoming events of the Black Clover Chapter. So, as per the sources, Black Clover Chapter 280 spoilers will be releasing on or around 28th-29th January 2021.

Black Clover Chapter 280 Speculations And Predictions

Two High Order Devils

As we all know the Black Clover series introduced the top stage of Devils in the previous chapter. They both are similar in looks and seems quite strong. Even Nacht got pretty shocked after the sense of the aura of these new devils? So, who are they? Black Clover Chapter 280 will likely reveal the details regarding these devils.

Next Level Of Storyline

So, the story is now reaching the next step of the scenario. The process of activating the Tree of Qliphoth is now complete and the passage that connects the demon world to the human world is now open. From Black Clover Chapter 280, the upcoming episodes are going to be crazy.

Asta’s Comeback

This could be the best time for Asta to make a comeback. Let’s not forget the fact that the series introduced the 2 strongest devils of the series. As for now, Nacht seems pretty strong and hasn’t shown any setback so far. But now, the series introduced the devil of the highest order, even Nacht got trembled with the aura he received. Let’s suppose that somehow Nacht manages to defeat one of them, but what about the other one? On the other hand, Dante is there too. So, Asta’s comeback is highly expected from Black Clover Chapter 280.

What happened to Yami And William?

This might be the biggest question as to the tree of Qliphoth is now active. Are they dead? Previously, it was revealed that Yami and William, they both together are capable of activating the Tree of Qliphoth. But on what stake? The magical powers or mana they own? If something like this happens, the highest possible condition would be, that they are dead.

Yami And William Black Clover 250

Where to read the Black Clover 280 Chapter?

All the latest chapters of Back Clover manga including Black Clover Chapter 280 can be read on official websites such as Viz or Mangaplus. Since the Black Clover manga is a weekly shonen series, it will release a new chapter every single week.