Black Clover is another shounen manga that has hooked everyone with its amazing plot and lot of actions. It is sad to break it to you that the upcoming chapter, Black Clover chapter 293 is delayed by a week. MangaPlus has confirmed the news on their official website that the chapter will release a week later than its expected date.

In the previous chapters, we have seen how the character of Magna has developed. Not just in terms of power but also his personality. The article has everything you need to know about chapter 293 of Black Clover.

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Black Clover Chapter 293

Previously we got to know the back story of Magna. He was a member of a mere peasant family. He gets a flashback of how he was mocked in the Heart Kingdom for his low magic powers. But he continued fighting and has grown much stronger than before. He gives his all to make everyone know that he is one of the tough members of the black bulls—the last chapter in the middle of the fight between the much-awaited battle of Dante and Magna.

Magna is trained under Zorawhere. He believes he might really get stronger if he knows how to use his magic. While training in ora’s secret hideout, he asks Magna to use his mana method. He understands the importance of learning and practicing all the spells. The training and his own will make him much stronger than he was once.

Black Clover Chapter 293 Release Date

The latest chapter of Black Clover has been delayed for a week. Therefore the Black Clover chapter 293 will release on 23rd May 2021. Even chapter 292 was delayed, it was due to the golden week celebrated in Japan. In case of any further change, the article will be updated.

Where to read Black Clover Chapter 293?

Shueisha’s Weekly Shonen Jump is responsible for publishing the manga, Black Clover. Just like the other chapters, Black Clover chapter 293 will be officially available in Viz and Mangaplus. However, only the latest three chapters are available as free to read. To read any other chapter, you have to become a member and pay an amount of $1.99 monthly, and it also comes with an additional 7 days free trial.

Chapter 293 of Black Clover Spoilers and Expectations

Chapter 293 of Black Clover is expected to be the continuation of the brutal battle between Dante and Magna. Not much is known also now that the chapter has been delayed.

This is all about the latest update on Black Clover. This blog will be further updated with time. Till then, you can also read: Solo Leveling Chapter 151- “Sung Jin-Woo vs Monarch of Frost” Who wins?