Black clover has been a bit discontinued in the past weeks due to the health condition of Yuki Tabata. The previous chapter got delayed and that has led to various speculations especially since the break was not announced before. They have also apologized for the delay in an official tweet. Since his health condition and everything is not cleared therefore the release date of an upcoming chapter is still unsure. However, the article here has everything latest you need to know about Black Clover Chapter 306. Make sure to stay tuned till the end.

Black Clover Chapter 306 Release Date

Chapter 306 of Black Clover is expected to release on 19th September 2021. However, the date is still not confirmed considering the health issue of Tabata Yuki it is not okay to assume anything at this point in time. In case there is any delay reported it will be reflected in the article.

What has happened until now in Black Clover chapter 305?

The mystery of the dark triad is still continuing. According to the whisperings, Yuno and Zenon are supposed to end it. However, Yuno won’t be getting any help from Asta for the rivalry and if he is unable to defeat Zenon alone. It will only indicate his defeat.

Previously Zenon was seen unleashing his devil’s power at its peak whereas even Yuno unsealed a new mode. Even Nozel is revealed to be cursed and due to it, he wasn’t able to speak about Megicula or their history. It was only during the battle of Nozel and Megicula when Nozel had to admit that he is obsessed with wanting more and more power.

He also has a background story, Nozel as an elder brother did put in his full effort and trained such that he is able to protect everyone. Once when Noelle confronts him the day following his mother’s death and wants him to teach her magic. Nozel knows he can’t bear losing another family member, so he insults Noelle. He warned her that a loser like Noelle would be unable to learn anything and would be unfit for warfare. Because Nozel wants to settle the score with Megicula alone, he planned to prevent Noelle from becoming stronger.

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What to expect from Black Clover Chapter 306?

Black Clover has often surprised us. Therefore, we can even expect Yuno to get strong enough to beat Zenon but Asta not giving a hand means he has to totally depend on himself which may put on some pressure on him. That is if the whispers are true.

All spoilers will be released in the next 2-3 days and it will be updated in the article. So stay tuned till then. The upcoming of teh fight will be shared in details once the scans are released. We can expect something epic to happen and mystery of dark triad might actually an unexpected turn.

Where to read Black Clover chapter 306?

Shueisha’s Weekly Shonen Jump has been serializing Black Clover since 2015. Black Clover chapter 306 will officially be available in Viz and Mangaplus. However, if you have missed the last chapters you can read the latest three-chapter for free on the official website of Viz.

That’s all about Black Clover chapter 306. For more stay tuned to Spoilerguy.