Howdy Black Clover fans, the anime is currently following the Eye of the midnight sun arc and now at Episode 111. The recent episode of Black Clover divided team Black Bulls in two against the elves. Magna, Luck, Charmy and Vanessa from Black Bulls and Sally are taking on Dorothy. Asta, Gordon, Henry, and Grey are taking on Gauche and his little sister Marie. What awaits them in Black Clover Episode 112 are the magic spells of Dorothy and the joint spell of Gauche and Marie.


Episode 111 was titled as The eyes in the mirror and it released on 26 November 2019. The episode mainly focused on, Dorothy(now Reve)’s magic Dreamworld in which, she can manipulate a dream-like world. And finally, Sally figured out the cons of Reve’s magic attribute and they are ready to take on the elve. Simultaneously, Asta is now cornered by the special combo attack of Gauche and Marie resulting in him using his demonic powers. Most of the black bull members aren’t elve anymore except for Gauche and the captain of Coral peacocks, Dorothy. Additionally, the previous episode already told us why Black Bulls need to hurry.

Black Clover Episode 112

Title: Humans who can be trusted.


Release Date: 3 December 2019


In Black Clover episode 112, it seems all the gates that Sally made Reve create are locked. Black Bulls are having a rough time against elves. And, there will be a flashback revealing what exactly did the humans do in the past. And finally, Asta has unlocked his demonic transformation. Will he be able to bring back Gauche and Marie back is not even a question anymore. The question for now is, Will Vanessa and others are able to make it out safe?

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