Hey Black Clover fans, in this blog we will discuss Black Clover Episode 128. Moreover, as revealed earlier Black Clover anime won’t be following the plot of manga for a while. This is because the manga is only 20 chapters ahead of the anime.

So, here’s the deal – The anime will catch up to the manga in not more than 10 episodes. If it were to happen, the anime won’t have a story to follow, as the story revolves around the plot of the manga.

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Black Clover Plot

Black Clover Anime
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The story revolves around two orphanage kids Asta and Yuno. These boys have a dream to become the next wizard king. Yuno is a prodigy who has the ability to control wind magic. But Asta can not use his Mana (Magical Powers). Yuno has immense magical power, on the other hand, Asta gains magical power through physical training. Having the same goal, both of them developed a friendly rivalry. Later on, Asta and Yuno joined a Magic Knight squad as the first step towards their goal.

Black Clover Episode 128

Release Date

As we all know New Black Clover episode comes up every Tuesday. Black Clover Episode 127 – “Clues” came out on 24th March, So we are sure that Black Clover Episode 128 will come out on 30th March 2020.

Where to Watch?

You can watch Black Clover episode 128 and all the other episodes on AnimeLab, CrunchyrollFUNimation, and Hulu. We highly condemn the use of streaming anime or reading manga on an unofficial website. You can read more about Anime Streaming Websites here.

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Black Clover Official Trailer

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