Black Clover has grown so much in the past year. It’s considered one of the best new-gen shounen anime. The Franchise will sure be going to even new heights. This post will deal with the new episode for Black Clover. Black Clover Episode 150 will be releasing soon. Read to find out more details about the latest episode.

As you may already know, the anime is currently following a filler arc. There are also a lot of new characters being introduced in this arc. There are many rumors of either the story going on a hiatus or introducing another filler arc. Based on how fans have been reacting to the previous filler episodes. It is essential for the creator to either announce a hiatus or bring back the canon arc.

Black Clover Episode 150Black Clover Episode 150

Black Clover Episode 150 will all be about Asta training under the spirit Guardians. The show is now running on its own original plot. Honestly, it’s better, so so much better. There are a lot of great scenes and characters introduced in the past few episodes. Basically, people can’t hold their excitement over the latest episode to come.

Black Clover Episode 150 Release Date

Will the Latest Black Clover episode be delayed?

As of now, there is no delay in the airing date and time for the show. Stay tuned to for more information regarding the release date. Here are the respective Date and times for different time zones.

Please Note: The release date and time will be different according to your time zone and the place you stay. 

Well, since that is out of the way, Black Clover Episode 150 will release on November 3, 2020, which is a Tuesday at 6:25 JST.

Black Clover Story Until now

Note:- I suggest Skipping over this section if you want to avoid spoilers and any speculation which might interrupt your viewing experiences.Black Clover Episode 150

Secre uses a Magical Tool which was designed by Lumire which increases the Magic Capacity of the people who have low magic Capacity by birth. Then we see Asta and the Gang preparing to train under the Spirit Guardians.

Julius, Marx, and Lorophechika are seen to discuss some important matters. During this meeting, Lorophechika faints. This worries the Black Bulls therefore they decide to go check up on her directly. Much to their dismay, they found out that the queen is ill and fainted due to a stomach ache.Black Clover Episode 150

Then we see Julius and Secre finalizing Lumire’s plans. He wanted to end all discrimination based on magic capacity. In the end, we see Asta preparing for the training with the spirit Guardians.

Where to Watch Black Clover Episode 150?

You can watch the anime in English subbed and dubbed version officially on Crunchyroll. Also, they are available in multiple sources too. You can watch Black Clover on Netflix, AnimeLab, AdultSwim too.Black Clover Episode 150

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