The Dark Triad is one of the most formidable and strongest opponents Asta and co. have faced up until now. Not only Yuno’s past is related to them, but they also seem to know something about Asta’s devil. Yuki Tabata’s Black Clover manga is going places. But what is the inspiration behind the Dark Triad of Black Clover? Is there a psychology behind the villains or its just a name. We will be discussing all this, make sure you comment your opinions regarding the same below.

Personally speaking, on my way to being a polymath; I have been reading a lot about psychology and all sort of stuff these days. And, that’s where I found the source of Black Clover’s Dark Triad.

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In Psychology, the Dark Triad are the three antisocial personality traits that include narcissism, Machiavellianism, and psychopathy. The three lengthy words describe a lot about the three members.

The first one is Narcissism, If we go by the definition then the pursuit of gratification from egotistic admiration of one’s idealized self-image and attributes is Narcissism. That explains Zenon’s behavior against the Golden Dawns back then.

Secondly, we have Machiavellianism, which is the best term one could use for Dante. If we go by the definition or let us make it basic, it refers to a selfish person. Someone who’s too focused on their own interest that they’d go as far as to manipulate, deceive, or exploit others to achieve their goal.

At last, we have Psychopathy, i.e, Vanice. It seems there is no need for me to explain what exactly it is. However, here’s a quick definition – The ones who manifest amoral behavior shows a lack of ability to love or establish meaningful personal relationships is a psychopath. If you know, where it’s going then you have watched enough anime. Otherwise, let me break it down for you. If it goes as planned, she might become a part of Asta’s harem.

Now the thing we are all here for – The Light Triad.

Going with psychology – The light triad includes Humanism, Kantianism, and faith in humanity.

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Humanism is a good example of Asta and the way he treats others. Kantianism would be Yuno and Nero is the one with faith in Humanity. That explains why we keep getting Nero scenes where she actually thinks of Humanity just like the first Wizard King.

The Light Triad vs the Dark Triad is going to be the most anticipated battle. This doesn’t mean that no one else is going to participate but it means, these three are going to be the center of this battle. Noelle might play an important role in this arc too as Megicula is the one to blame for her mother’s death.

That’s what we have for now. Make sure to read our recent on The 29th Wizard King of Clover Kingdom.