Blue Exorcist is doing really well in sales and is increasing its fan base with a more attractive storyline. The entire concept and vibe of the manga are well-deserving on their own. Blue Exorcist has a lot of interesting factors that are kept hidden for future use. Once they come out, it’s game over for the other mangas.

Blue Exorcist is yet to release and has a lot of expectations riding on it. The ongoing mangas have upped their game since the start of 2021. So it is also expected for Blue Exorcist to pull out their trump card and provide a lot of fan service. The previous chapter was filled with excitement and a thrilling action sequence—a well-illustrated chapter with a satisfying cliffhanger in the end.

The latest Blue Exorcist chapter will be released next month with a lot of explanations and intriguing scenes. But most of all, we get to see the next chapter only after a month, which in itself can get get a bit annoying. This blog will cover all you need to know about Blue Exorcist Chapter 129 Release Date and Spoilers. 

Blue Exorcist Chapter 129 Latest Updates

Has the Release of Blue Exorcist Chapter 129 been Delayed?

There is no official news operating to the delay of Blue Exorcist 129. In fact, we have some good news. Blue Exorcist Chapter 129 is releasing earlier this time. There seems to be an early issue this time, which allows publishing the latest chapter to arrive earlier than usual.

Blue Exorcist Chapter 129 – Release Date

blue exorcist 129

Blue Exorcist Chapter 129 releases on February 3rd, 2021. It’s been quite a few months since Blue Exorcist released a chapter earlier than usual. With an earlier release, fans will be even hyped than before. This year has a lot lined up for us, especially the anime side. But regardless of that, the manga series are battling it out to get higher ratings and rankings in sales.

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Blue Exorcist 129 – Spoilers

The Spoilers for Blue Exorcist 129 are yet to be released. Usually, spoilers and leaks tend to reach the internet 2-3 before the latest manga chapter’s release date. While some prefer to read the latest chapter’s spoilers, some like reading the manga with full enthusiasm and happiness. It is our humble request not to spoil the latest chapter of the manga for our fellow weebs. Stay tuned to Spoilerguy for more amazing news updates on the ongoing manga and anime series.

Where to Read Blue Exorcist 129 at the Earliest?

blue exocist chapter 129

Websites such as Viz Media and Mangaplus are the best online platforms to read all the latest manga chapters on the internet for free. It is easy to read, has a user-friendly interface, and best of all, it shows all the mangas as soon as it’s released in Japan. Blue Exorcist is a monthly manga series and releases a new chapter approximately every month. Make sure to stay updated with Spoilerguy for information regarding any delay in the latest ongoing Manga chapters or Anime episodes.

About Blue Exorcist

Blue Exorcist Manga was Started way back in 2009 by Kazue Kato. Shueisha published it. The manga series has completed a whopping 26 volumes and is expected to succeed in the days to come. It received an anime adaptation in 2011 and has completed 2 seasons. Fans can’t get enough and are craving for Season 3 to release soon.

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