BNHA recently aired the 258th chapter, the chapter revealed some major and minor details regarding the upcoming arc. Moreover, with the growth of the plot, the story is getting more intense. Readers all around the globe are excited for My Hero Academia Chapter 259.

In the previous chapter, it seems, Shigaraki is training in the mountains. Moreover, all the heroes are together now. It’s time for the “World War of Quirks”.

On the other hand, fans are concerned if it’s the last arc of Boku no Hero Academia? Well, the answer is simple – the BNHA franchise is well known for details. The franchise has left major plot holes as of now, and, the manga won’t end until the plot hole gets filled. At least not around MHA chapter 259.

The new arc has started, this battle will cause lots of casualties on both ends. Now that All Might has retired, the idea of fighting an improved League of Villains is undoubtedly a scary one.

Boku no Hero Academia Chapter 259

Moreover, readers are now excited about My Hero Academia chapter 259, and why not? The next chapter will be an important one.

Note that the leaks for BNHA Chapter 258 will be out a day or two before its official release date.

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Before starting, please note that this article may contain spoilers from the previous chapters of Boku no Hero Academia. If you have read all the chapters of the manga, then you can keep reading. Otherwise, I suggest you may stop reading, so you don’t get spoiled.

Note that the leaks for the 259th chapter of Boku no Hero Academia will be out a day or two before its official release date.

MHA BNHA Chapter 259 leaks

My Hero Academia Chapter 259:

The next chapter will be covering up the preparations for this “World War of Quirks”. Moreover, all the heroes will unite and take on different teams accordingly, with the help of Hawk’s intel.

Midoriya still needs to master the remaining quirks. There have been several theories on the internet – According to a theory, the next quirk Deku will acquire is, Float and it will play an important role in this arc.

The appearance of Tomura Shigaraki is quite expected in My Hero Academia chapter 259 as he was mentioned by Twice when he was talking to Hawks. Currently, Shigaraki is training in the Kyoto mountains.

Release Date and Where to Read?

Boku no Hero Academia’s manga chapter 259 is set to release on 2 February 2020. Moreover, you can read the chapters of My Hero Academia online officially on Viz. You can either read them online or buy the paperback of the same. We highly condemn the use of reading manga on an unofficial website.

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