Howdy Guys, In this post we are going to be talking about Boku No My Hero Academia Chapter 288. We’ve included details of the new release of Chapter 288 and where you can read it officially. Note- This post may contain spoilers. If spoilers bother I suggest you read it with utmost care. We will update the article with all the spoilers, leaks, and raw scans for Boku No My Hero Academia Chapter 288, including the sources to read it online. So you needn’t worry. Make sure you read the complete article for all the details-

Let’s not forget that BNHA manga is doing unexpectedly well with the storyline and not to mention, the series is in a hype among fans. And not to forget, MHA manga is one of the most prominent franchises out there. The Series introduced previous users of One For All who are now fighting alongside with Deku. They chose this body (Deku’s body) in order to cultivate One For All. Let’s have the recap of the previous chapter-

Boku No My Hero Academia Chapter 287

Nana Shimura says that she never presume to meet All For One again after her death. Deku already realized that he is now inside of his quirk- One For All. He was out of his sane until All For One diverts Tomura’s focus toward Nana, who he recognized as his grandma.

Besides this, All For One admits that he thought he was the only one capable of such a masterstroke as Tomura identifies Nana from his memories. Furthermore, he also explains that his younger brother, when his original Quirk converged with the power-loading one, it attains the ability to carry consciousnesses himself. So, All For One asks Nana if she wants to say hello, and this is when Nana identifies Tomura as Kotaro’s son. But soon, Tomura tells her that no matter how they ended up in this situation, he hates her for his father’s actions.

This is when One For All starts to crumble and All for one used Tomura’s rage to overwhelming the rule of the wielder of One For All’s will. Besides Tomura trying to destroy him as well, which excites him because it suits him as the Symbol of destruction. Soon the process of eroding stops as All For One realizes that his rage is not enough for the process. It revealed that his younger brother appeared resisting the eroding.

All For One’s younger brother or the first user of one for all asks if Tomura is the next in line of the various people he has manipulated so far. All For One confesses that he wished he made his brother his. In return, the younger brother declares that he and the others as well will never go to him because they have decided to remain with Deku. As all for one questioned him that he shouldn’t choose a weakling like Deku. This is when One for all correct him by saying  Deku is a boy possessed by the desire to save others beyond common understanding, and they will follow him because of it. And in the end, the process of eroding got stopped.

My Hero Academia Chapter 288

Boku No My Hero Academia Chapter 288

Is MHA Chapter 288 On A Delay?

No, My Hero, Academia Chapter 288 is not on a delay or a week hiatus. Stay Tuned on SpoilerGuy for more information regarding the release date.

Boku No My Hero Academia Chapter 288 Release Date

As for the record, the previous chapter of Boku No Hero Academia was published in Shueisha’s Weekly Shounen Jump Issue #45. So, it seems like Chapter 288 is going to release in Shueisha’s Weekly Shounen Jump Issue #46. Furthermore, Boku no Hero Academia Chapter 288 is going to release on 18th October 2020. According to our sources, the scans of My Hero Academia chapter 288 is going to release on 15th October 2020. Furthermore, the official spoiler of BNHA Chapter 288 is going to release on 16th October 2020.

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Boku No My Hero Academia Chapter 288 Spoilers And Raw Scans

The spoilers and leaks are the raw scans, that are being translated by the popular translators on the internet. But you may not worry, we will make sure to add the leaks and spoilers to the article, as soon as they’re out. You can put your opinions regarding BNHA 288 in the comment section below. The important leaks and spoilers for MHA Chapter 288 will be out on or around 16th October 2020.

Boku No My Hero Academia Chapter 288 Predictions and Speculations

So, the previous users of the 2 strongest quirk got involved in the battle now. Guess what? The first user One For All also made an appearance in the previous chapter of My hero academia. So now, what is going to happen in MHA chapter 288? Let’s find out-

  • Boku No My Hero Academia Chapter 288 will reveal more about this complex quirk who has some more characteristics that are yet to reveal. So, this part might get covered in BNHA Chapter 288.
  • The real One for all vs All for one is highly predicted in My Hero Academia 281. As we already the real intentions of Tomura which was to destroy or obtain One For All. But Deku with the help of others is resisting. So, a classy battle between One For all users vs All for One user is highly expected in My hero Academia Chapter 288.
  • Let’s not forget that Bakugou is severely injured, will Bakugou die? As for now, all we could remember is Bakugou got stabbed by Tomura’s wires, Shoto Todoroki managed to save him from falling but he was critically injured. So, As per our prediction, In My hero Academia Chapter 288 Shoto will take Bakugou to the medical team so that his life could be saved.
  • Tomura managed to touch Deku and his quirk is Decay. It means his decay quirk will destroy Deku in no time. But in the end, we saw Nana Shimura touches Deku’s head which seems like she is kinda saving him. So, the creator will have to justify or put a valid reason in order to oppose the fact that Tomura actually touched Deku and this might reveal in My hero academia chapter 288.
  • As per our prediction, Boku No My hero academia chapter 288 will mainly cover the fight of One for all and All for one. Chapter 288 of My hero academia may also reveal or show a glimpse of the skill set of the first user of One For All.
  • One point to notice is that Tomura has obtained the healing power during his transformation which was revealed at the beginning of this fight. But now, if we see, Shigaraki is on a brink of extinction. So, one part is clear that this battle is not going to end here and this might reveal in MHA Chapter 288.
  • My Hero Academia Chapter 287 may let us know about Gigantomachia and his final move. If we talk about Gigantomachia, it’s been almost 7-8 characters in which didn’t manage to reach his master. So, it’s kinda possible that Gigantomachia will finally reach his master in My Hero Academia Chapter 288.
  • Let’s not forget about the League of villains. At the end of the previous chapter, we saw that Toga was pretty serious about Jin (Twice). She raised the question that Heroes were supposed to save everyone, so why didn’t save twice? So as per our prediction, we might see a major impact of Toga of League Of Villains in Boku Np My Hero Academia chapter 288 which is highly expected.

Tomura Izuku Chapter 288

Where to Read MHA Chapter 288?

All the chapters of Boku no Hero Academia manga are available for free on Viz Media. We highly condemn the use of streaming anime or reading manga on an unofficial website. Furthermore, the new chapter comes out every Monday/Sunday. So, according to you- what is going to happen in Boku No Hero Academia Chapter 288?

What is My Hero Academia is About?

Boku no Hero Academia aka My Hero Academia is a popular Japanese manga written by Kohei Horikoshi. The manga started serializing in Weekly Shonen Jump in July 2014. As for the plot, it revolves around a boy, Izuku Midoriya who was born without a quirk in a world where most of the humans have superpowers, called quirks.  Later on, the manga got an anime adaptation. The anime covers up the story of how he became the greatest hero. As of now, the manga has aired 287 chapters. BNHA Chapter 288 will be out soon.

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