Deku proves every time that why he deserves to own One For All. And in my opinion, he deserves the power of One For All in every possible aspect. However, the previous user mentions something related to Sheer Iron Strength that he lacks. But now, all the previous user gonna help Midoriya and there is no doubt that My hero Academia Chapter 306 is going to be a hit.

Boku No My Hero Academia Chapter 306

So, the story approaching the next step of the current arc. Now, it would be interesting to see how the previous user will help Midoriya in order to conquer the full potential of One For All. Furthermore, MHA Chapter 306 will feature those two people as well. So, who are they, let’s find out-

When Will My hero Academia Chapter 306 will Release?

My hero academia Chapter 306 is going to release on 21st March 2021.

When will Reddit Raw Scans, Leaks, and Spoilers of Boku No Hero Academia Chapter 306 will release?

Usually, it takes 2-3 days to release the spoilers before the release date of the upcoming chapter. Besides this, spoilers are basically the raw scans that get leaked online and translated by internet junkies. We will make sure to update this article if and when we receive proper spoilers of BNHA Chapter 306. We can expect the raw scans to release by or around 19th March 2021.

My Hero Academia chapter 306 Speculations and Predictions

As we all know that all the previous users are now going to help Deku in order to maintain or conquer the full potential of One For All. So, what are the events that are likely to happen in the My hero academia chapter 306, let’s find out-

Information Regarding All The Users Of One For All

One part is pretty clear that Deku is going to master the quirk of all the OFA users. This is the only key to defeat Tomura Shigaraki. As Nana Shimura already mentioned that Tomura could be the strongest AFO user. So, it is quite important for Deku to defeat Tomura at any cost. So, My hero academia chapter 306 is going to reveal certain details regarding all the users of One For All. This includes two strange men facing the wall as well.

Deku’s Resolve

As we all know that Deku’s thoughts towards Tomura are something that flattered all the previous users of OFA. His thoughts make it clear that All Might decision on making Izuku an OFA user was correct in all possible aspect.

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Where to read My Hero Academia Chapter 306?

My Hero Academia Chapter 306 is available to read on Viz or Mangaplus. Since the manga is a weekly shonen manga, it will release a new chapter every week.