Here is another game that is being developed into an anime film! Bokura wa Aozora ni Naru is the animated film of The Donuts’ Tokyo 7th Sisters smartphone game. Bokura wa Aozora ni Naru have announced that the film will release in Spring 2021 instead of this summer due to COVID-19. Departures: Ashita no Uta is the theme song of the anime. Toei Animation is in charge of the 70-minute anime television adaptation by Toei Animation.

About Tokyo’s Seven Sister

Tokyo 7th Sisters is originally a Japanese idol raising simulation game released in iOS and Android in 2014. Donuts Co. Ltd has published and developed the game. Victor Entertainment has produced and published the music with Yoshiyaki Dewa. The game also has a story mode known as Scout in-game. In the story, the players search for idol cards as teh game progresses. There is also a battle mode where the players come face other players or gaming characters using their idol cards. 

Cast and Crew

Shintarō Motegi is the chief director of the game. He is also credited for creating the anime’s original concept. That makes him in charge of writing the script and producing the music. Takayuki Kitagawa is directing the film with Masakazu Sunagawa as the assistant director. Toei Animation is producing the anime film. Atsushi Suzuki, Yoshihide Moriyama, Kazuo Kato, and Motegi have planned the development of the project. The other producers are Hisashi Matsuura, Motohiro Oda, and Koji Suzuki.  Ayumi Sugimoto is in charge of directing the art with Masayuki Niizuma as an art designer.


In the game, the players playing take the role of a manager of a studio called 777. They are responsible for scouting young and promising idols.  The game mixes an emphasis on story and character development with a rhythm game aspect. The idols have to win admiration from their fans. They also have to develop the ability by singing original songs.  It doesn’t end there the games have also inspired the making of the t7s Longing for summer Again and Again: Spring Breeze. It is an animated music video project of 2017.

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