Howdy guys, In this post we are going to discuss upcoming events of Boruto chapter 40. Besides this, this post will contain a lot of spoilers. If spoilers bother you, I suggest you stop here. Otherwise, you go ahead. Before chapter 40, let’s shift our focus to the recent chapter-

Boruto Chapter 39

In Boruto chapter 39, more information already revealed about Jigen and Ishiki. Besides this, Sasuke is free. And Sasuke’s next move was crucial. All the members of the New Generation are now aware of the situation. There are possibilities that Kawaki and Boruto will plan something. Recent chapter leave fans at a major cliff hanger. There are many unanswered questions but the most important is- Does Naruto is alive? Well, he is not. Furthermore, it is revealed that Boruto and Kawaki, both can part of Ōtsutsuki. So, chapter 39 was amazing.

Boruto Chapter 40

So, in chapter 40 the major things are going to happen or we can say they are worth noticing. Boruto, Sarada, Mitsuki, and Kawaki will fight ‘Boro’. The original strength of Boro will reveal in the next chapter. Besides this, what will be the big plan in order to rescue Naruto? According to our sources– Mitsuki might use his “Sage Mode” in the next Boruto Chapter. Furthermore, Kashin Koji will attack Jigen. Kashin’s true motive will be out. The most important thing is Naruto is not dead yet! Let’s wait for Boruto Chapter 40 while watching anime in the meantime. Furthermore, there are some possibilities that Boruto will awake his Jougan. Or Boruto will grow his otsutski horn in Chapter 40? But Most importantly ‘Believe’ in Boruto, Kawaki, Sasuke, and team, Naruto is not dead yet! Furthermore, there is one more update regarding chapter 40. As it is already revealed in chapter 39 that Jigen’s strength drains with ease. And now he needs at least 2 days to recover his strength.  So, if Kashin Koji wants to kill him. this is a perfect time. And fortunately, there are chances that it would be happen in Boruto Chapter 40.

Boruto Chapter 40

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