You  Howdy guys, In this post we are going to discuss upcoming events of Boruto chapter 42. Besides this, this post may contain a lot of spoilers. If spoilers bother you, I suggest you stop here. Otherwise, you go ahead. Before chapter 42, let’s put our focus on chapter 41-

Boruto Chapter 41 Recap.

Sarada Uses her Sharingan to find out Boro’s technique uses Scientific Bacteria. Sarada attacks Boro with her fire style Jutsu but Boro counters it by using water style Jutsu. Boruto and Kawaki combine attacks Boro. Boro was severely hurt but he quickly manages to regenerate. Meanwhile, Mitsuki managed to create an anti-body of Boro’s bacteria. Boro dash-back towards the Naruto while Kawaki Chases him.

Boruto Episode 140,141,142,143 Release Date, Spoilers also revealed.

Boruto Chapter 42

Boruto Chapter 42 will be the continuation of the fight between Sarada, Mitsuki, Kawaki, and Boruto against Boro. On the other hand, the reborn Team 7 was successful in discovering an antidote to Boro’s dark mist. But the enemy managed to disrupt their plan by threatening to hurt Naruto. Besides this, chapter 42 will reveal more information regarding Kashin Koji. There are some chances that Kawaki may sacrifice for the rescue plan of Naruto. Furthermore, more power of the Karma seal may reveal. The most expected and most awaited part is Mistuki’s Sage Mode.

Here is the official report of the cover of Boruto Chapter 42 by Organic Dinosaur

“The cover of chapter 42 features Boruto alone with a ferocious expression, in alternate brown clothing color scheme and white shirt. Besides this, Blue karma is activated up to his eye + clutching his right arm. Furthermore,  blue-grey clouds in the background. Poo brown shade + dark magenta stripe sleeve for his jacket. On the other hand- red headband, shoes, belt & cropped pant cuffs. He keeps ripping his sleeve at the elbow for whatever reason on his Karma arm whenever he does such dynamic promo poses” Here is the official cover-

Boruto Chapter 42


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Boruto Chapter 42 Release Date.

Boruto Chapter 42 will be out on 20th January 2020. Furthermore, Boruto Chapter 43 is scheduled to be released on 20th February 2020.

Where Can You Read Boruto Chapter 42 Online?

You can read Boruto on VIZ Weekly shonen jump. Moreover, you can read its latest chapters for free as soon as they are up on VIZ media. Make sure you use these official platforms to read your manga as this will help support the manga creators.