Howdy guys, In this post we are going to discuss upcoming events of Boruto chapter 43. Besides this, this post will contain spoilers of chapter 42. If you haven’t read chapter 42 of Boruto till now, I suggest you skip the blog to the release date section. Furthermore, If spoilers don’t bother you, you can go further without hesitation. Let’s have a recap of chapter 42.

Boruto Chapter 42 Recap.

Boruto Chapter 42 is titled “Regeneration”. There is no doubt that chapter 42 was one of the most amazing chapters. So, the chapter started with the battle between Team 7 vs Boro. So, Boro tried to dash towards the sealed box of Naruto. Besides this, Boro was able to destroy the formation of Team 7. So, there is no doubt that Boro is really powerful. On the other hand, Kawaki somehow managed to get rid of Boro’s trap and tried to save Naruto.

What is going to happen in Boruto Chapter 43?

Boruto Chapter 43 Release Date and Time.

Boruto Chapter 43 will be out on 20th February 2020. Furthermore, Boruto Chapter 44 will be out on 20th March 2020. Moreover, the name of the chapter is not revealed yet. Even the Spoilers of Boruto Chapter 43 are not available.

Boruto Chapter 43 Spoilers.

Currently, we don’t have any spoilers on the 43rd chapter of Boruto. But it is advertised as the climax chapter between Boro VS Team 7 fight. Moreover, it is believed to be the chapter in which Naruto and Boruto unleash their coordinated technique.

What will be the coordinated technique? Will it be another Rasengan or a new Jutsu? Well, the questions will surely get an answer in Boruto Chapter 43.

Boruto Chapter 43 Spoilers Update

Update: Today(19 February) we got the spoiler of chapter 43 and as we said, we are updating the blog. According to the spoilers, Team 7 finally overwhelms the regeneration ability of Boro. But Boro still has some tricks hidden in his sleeves. After retrieving the vessel, Boro leaves the battlefield and Gets Back to Kara’s Headquarters. But suddenly a portal opens in front of Boro and Co who was trapped in this different dimension.

Where to Read?

You can read Boruto on VIZ Weekly shonen jump. Moreover, you can read its latest chapters for free as soon as they are up on VIZ media. Make sure you use these official platforms to read your manga as this will help support the manga creators.

About Boruto Manga

Boruto Manga First come out in Weekly Shōnen Jump in May 2016. Later, it started coming on V Jump. The series isn’t written by the original author of Naruto, i.e, Kishimoto Masashi. But is written by Ukyō Kodachi and it focuses on the story of Boruto. A new chapter comes out every month. Here is the official trailer for the manga:

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