Boruto Chapter 54 has a lot of explaining to do. What happened to Sasuke’s Rinnegan? What’s next for Momoshiki after he kills Naruto and Sasuke? Will Naruto exceed his limits and head towards his sacrificial end? These are just a few of the unanswered questions that fans have regarding Boruto 54.

Kishimoto literally just set foot in the manga and here he has us under his fingertips eagerly waiting to see his latest work. If Overpowered Manga Creators had an award, we are sure Kishimoto would be worthy of it. In his recent work, Naruto and Sasuke are shown in a weakened state with Naruto’s life span decreased. Just when we thought Naruto has ended Ishhiki, Momoshiki posses Boruto and turns things around.

When we look into the past predictions made by fellow weebs, it is obvious that we have failed to tap into Kishimoto’s mindest and perspective on Boruto. The entire set up and naming of the previous chapters were a setup to trick us into thinking that it was game over. Little did we know that Boruto Chapter 54 would have us biting our nails for days.

So, without any further delay, let’s have the discussion regarding Boruto 54-

Boruto Chapter 54 – Release Date

Boruto Chapter 54 - Boruto's Fate

Boruto Chapter 54 releases on January 20, 2021. The ending of the previous chapter hit us like a speeding bus. Fans around the globe are trying to deduct any possibilities and variants as to what might happen in Boruto 54 manga. Fortunately, Boruto Chapter 54 release date has not been delayed and is keeping fans at bay.

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Boruto Chapter 54 – Latest Updates

Boruto Chapter 54 – Spoilers and Leaks

Boruto Chapter 54 leaks will release 3 days prior to the release of the chapter. These spoilers and leaks will contain only a few pages or scenes that contain the just of the entire chapter. Most fans prefer waiting in order to grasp the entire essence of the latest chapter. But for those of you who have lost the will to wait, we have you covered.

We will make sure to update this article with the spoilers of the 54th Chapter of Boruto as soon as the spoilers are out. Make sure to check out Spoilerguy daily for constant Release date updates.

Boruto 54 Predictions And Speculations

Momoshiki Taken Over Boruto

This could be the hottest topic after the release of the previous chapter. Boruto attacked Sasuke and took out his Rasengan which was quite unexpected at the end of the chapter. As we all know- Kawaki with the help of Naruto and Sasuke managed to make Isshiki ran out of time. Kawaki used Naruto’s Shadow Doppelganger in order to make Isshiki ran out of his time. Guess what? Kawaki succeeded as well! but put of nowhere Momshiki appeared in Boruto’s body. In the end, Boruto cum Momoshiki described the situation- “I never thought that you’d actually defeat Isshiki But Good now you are the only nuisance left”.

Boruto cum Momoshiki vs Kawaki

Now, let’s analyze the situation- Naruto is powerless as he used every bit of his chakra in a battle with Isshiki and Sasuke has no Rinnegan Momoshiki already destroy it. Kawaki is a little injured but he is the only hope against Boruto cum Momoshiki. As Momoshiki made it very clear that he is going to kill the remaining nuisance. So, Kawaki vs Boruto cum Momoshiki is highly expected from Boruto Chapter 54.

Boruto vs Momoshiki Again!?

If we still remember- Boruto: Naruto The Movie introduced the battle between our heroes and Momoshiki, in short- Boruto vs Momoshiki. Boruto managed to use his biggest Rasengan against Momoshiki with the help of Naruto and others. Sasuke assists Boruto and then Boruto pulled off that legendary move against Momoshiki. Now, Momoshiki has returned in Boruto’s body. As we all know that Naruto isn’t in a condition to fight any further and Sasuke’s Rinnegan has been destroyed. So, it seems like Kawaki is going to take on Boruto cum Momoshiki. But on the other hand, as per our prediction, Boruto is going to fight Momoshiki internally which is highly expected after analyzing the situation. So, Kawaki vs Boruto cum Momoshiki from outside and Boruto vs Momoshiki internally is highly expected. Sasuke might be able to assist Kawaki but Boruto is on his own this time.

Where to Read Boruto Manga Online?

where to read boruto manga

All the latest chapters along with Boruto chapter 54 can be read on websites such as Viz and Manga Plus. These are official platforms that offer translated versions of your favorite manga weekly/monthly. Boruto is a monthly manga and releases a new chapter every month approximately. There is no fixed official date for the release of its latest chapters.

Due to unfortunate reasons, the manga might have a few delays in the release of the latest manga chapters. Make sure to stay updated with us to know more about such delays regarding the latest manga and anime.

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About Boruto Manga

Boruto manga is the continuation of Naruto in order to keep the Naruto Saga running. Unfortunately, the Boruto Franchise was a disaster with many faults in the character design and the time skip was a huge downfall. But Kishimoto saw through all the hatred and went on to turn the entire story around with the interference of the Otsitsuki Clan and a mysterious clone of Jiraiya. This made fans go bonkers over the storyline which ultimately led them to follow every newly released chapter with great interest.

Well, like all good things, this article must come to an end. That’s all we have on Boruto Chapter 54 Release Date, Where to Read Boruto Manga Leaks and Spoilers Online? Stay Safe weebs, the fight against the final boss isn’t over yet.

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