Hey Guys, In this post we are going to talk about Boruto Episode 143. Besides this, this post includes the details regarding the release date and spoilers of the upcoming episode of Boruto. Furthermore, this post may contain spoilers. If spoiler bothers you, I suggest you stop here. Otherwise, you can go ahead-

Boruto: Naruto Next Generation Release Episode 143 Date & Time.

The Boruto Episode 143 will be out on 9th February 2020 at 5:30 PM JST. Furthermore, the title of the episode will be – “The Criminal Targeting Kokuri”. You can watch the episode online officially on Crunchyroll. We highly condemn the use of streaming anime or reading manga on an unofficial website.

Boruto Episode 142 Recap.

In Boruto episode 142 we saw Boruto and his team tried to get Kokuri assigned to the same cell. Everything seems fine until Benga interferes. Benga is the warden of the prison. To overcome this trouble, Boruto started approaching Doragu. Now the question is, Who is the leader among the prisoners? Boruto and his team started looking for information that they can use against the warden. Moreover, Doragu is willing to give them information. But there is a condition. In exchange, Boruto and his team must give the test of perseverance.

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Boruto Episode 143: Spoilers.

Boruto Ep 143 is titled as “The Criminal Targeting Kokuri”. Moreover, it will focus on finding the person who stole wooden tags. The wooden tags are made to prevent people from trespassing into the medical ward which is stolen. Boruto is searching for the culprit, meanwhile, Mitsuki figures out that the culprit is in the same prison cell as him. On the other hand, Sarada is doing her investigation but she soon faces some troublesome situations.

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About the Arc

Episode 143 will be the third episode in the Mujina Bandits Arc. Besides, This arc is important as it connects the Anime with manga. After this Arc, the story will shift to the Chunin Exam Arc from the manga. Moreover, the manga reader is excited that the story finally connects o Manga.

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