In this post, we are going to be talking about Boruto Episode 176. In the last episode of Boruto, we saw that with Orochimaru’s help Victor and Deppa have been finally dealt with. However, the Kara is still out there. Kara is basically a group of radicals who wanna possess the same power as the Otsusuki.

Boruto has been getting better episode by episode. Fans are pretty excited about the upcoming episode of Boruto. Keep on reading to get all the information about Episode 176 of Boruto at Spoiler Guy.

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Boruto Episode 176

We also saw the epic battle between Boruto and Deepa. We also got to see Orochimaru in action. Both Naruto and Boruto have trained. Sarada also unlocks a Tomoe in her Sharingan. Well, this Arc in Boruto maybe a filler arc. But it connects with bigger arcs in the story further.

Boruto Episode 176 Release Date: When in Episode 176 for Boruto Coming out?

The Episode is Titled “Blocked the UhAnn Gate”. The new Episode 176 for Boruto is going to come on 29th November 2020, at 5:30 PM JST on Sunday. All the new episodes of Boruto come out every Sunday. Also, note that the time and date will be different according to your Time Zone.

Where to Watch Boruto Episode 176?

You can watch Episode 176 of Boruto in a lot of places actually. Crunchyroll has all the latest episodes and new ones will be updated as soon as they are released. Boruto is also available to watch on Netflix and Hulu. If you are interested in Manga you can read it at Viz.

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Boruto Ep 176 Spoilers

This post from here on contains massive spoilers from the upcoming episode of Boruto. In case, you wish to refrain from reading spoilers then you may stop reading now.Boruto Episode 176

Because of the Training Sarada and Naruto underwent, they both are holding their own against Deepa. They both are worried that Deepa’s Jutsu can attack in long ranges and defend against short-range attacks.

Boruto plans to use his new Rasengan on him. Sarada decides to lure Deppa away from Boruto to give him some time to prepare. At the Same time, Konohamaru is fighting Victor with the help of Orochimaru. Victor gives more insight into Kara During their fight. We will probably get to know more about Kara in Episode 176 of Boruto.

During the fight, Team 7 is joined by their missing teammate Mitsuki. He explains that he is better now and get got saved by an Organ Donor. The Trio finish of Deepa using Boruto’s Rasengan. Sarada also unlocks her Double Tomoe Sharingan. They all defeat Deepa.

Orochimaru mocks Victor and compares his experiments with his own. He says that Victor is boring and helps Konohamru to defeat him. Orochimaru also tells Konahamaru that Mitsuki is alright now.

Boruto Episode 176 Preview

According to the Preview, Naruto is meeting up with Mugino and Konahamru who are briefing him about Kara. Naruto will probably try to tackle this situation in the next episode. We also get to see Tsunade and Kiba who work in the Konoha Military Police Force now.

However, we also have a tweet saying that the next arc following this one is also going to be a filler arc. It will show us Mugino’s past.

About Anime

Boruto is based on a Manga of the same name. Which is a Sequel to one of the best Manga and Anime ever, Naruto. It tells us the story of Naruto’s Sun Boruto and the newly formed Team 7 Consisting of Boruto, Sarada, And Mitsuki. And their battles and classes with other Otsukuski and the newly formed secret organization called Kara.

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