With the last episode of Boruto, we entered into the Mugino Arc. In Boruto Episode 181 we will learn more about Mugino and his past. Boruto has come a long way as a Manga and as well as an Anime.

With Naruto’s Original Writer coming back to write Boruto, I am excited about how it will impact the anime and will Boruto be able to reach the like of the Naruto Series which is considered one of the best.Boruto Episode 181 Release Date

However, like Naruto, Boruto has many filler Arcs, and this one is a filler arc. With a new year coming soon, we will have many new animes and movies along with the other ongoing animes.

Boruto Episode 181

The last episode of Boruto, Episode 181 was titled “The Assassin, Mugino”. We got to know a bit about Mugino who helped Konohamaru in the Victor Arc. Kara has also made its mark. Naruto has realized what kind of threat they possess.

There has also been news that the upcoming episode will be directed by Yuta Suzuki and written by Masaya Honda. I am excited to see what kind of change we will get to see in the upcoming episode and how Boruto will look like in the next year.

Read more to get to know more about the release date of the upcoming Boruto Episode 181 Release Date.

Boruto Episode 181 Release Date

Boruto Episode 181 will be released on Sunday, January 10th, 2020. All the future episodes will be airing on Sundays from now.

Also, The Boruto Anime going on a Hiatus for a week, so that’s why there is a gap of 2 weeks between the release date of Boruto Episode 180 and Boruto Episode 181.

Boruto Episode 180 Recap 

This was the last episode this year for Boruto. Unfortunately, this was a filler episode. The episode starts with Himawari making a gift for Hinata’s Upcoming birthday. However, Boruto interrupts her but she tells him to leave her alone.

Later Boruto meets Mugino as he is running away from a restaurant owner saying that he gave all the money he had to a kid who was not able to buy her sister’s medicines. Boruto ends up paying up his debts. Mugino as thanks asks Boruto to come to his home.

Then Mugino tells that his back story. He tells how he met the third Hokage, and how he tried to assassinate him. As he was a War Orphan he was used a disposable tool in an attempt to kill Hiruzen.

Where to Watch Boruto Episode 181?

You can watch Episode 181 of Boruto in a lot of places actually. Crunchyroll has all the latest episodes, and new ones will be updated as soon as they are released. Boruto is also available to watch on Netflix and Hulu. If you are interested in Manga, you can read it at Viz.Boruto Episode 181 Release Date

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Well, this is it for the upcoming episode of Boruto. We will update this post with other details as soon as it releases. Stay tuned to Spoilerguy till then. You can also read the update on the Latest Boruto Chapter too.

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About Boruto

Boruto is based on a Manga of the same name. However, it is a Sequel to one of the best Manga and Anime ever, Naruto. It tells us the story of Naruto’s Sun Boruto and the newly formed Team 7 Consisting of Boruto, Sarada, And Mitsuki. And their battles and classes with other Otsukuski and the newly formed secret organization called Kara.

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