In this post, we are going to be talking about By the Grace of the Gods Episode 8. By the Grace of the Gods is actually one of the best Slice of Life and easy-going Isekai anime in a while.

With the 8th episode already out fans may be wondering when the next episode is going to come out. Also in the last episode, we saw how Ryoma’s Laundry business was a huge hit that he needed to employ more workers to not exploit his workforce.

He is also very happy about the fact that despite working so hard he is able to have a comfortable sleep, unlike the ones he had on Earth. In this post written in Spoilerguy, we are going to be talking about the latest release date for the episode.

By the Grace of the Gods Episode 8 Release Date

By the Grace of the Gods Episode 8 is going to come out on Sunday, 29th November 2020 at 11:30 PM JST. Every other episode is also going to come out every Sunday. Also, note that the Time and Date will differ according to the zone you live in. You can convert yours here.

Watch By the Grace of the Gods 

By the Grace of the Gods is available to watch on HuluAnime-Planet, and Funimation. All the latest episodes will be available to see once they are released.

About Anime

By the Grace of the Gods is originally based on a novel series by Roy and Ririna. It’s about Takebayashi Ryoma who originally was a hard-working employee working in Japan. After his death due to a very unfortunate sneeze, he was given an opportunity to live his life as a person in a different world.

They all gave him some basic knowledge about the world and some magic. Now Ryoma lives with his slimes taming them and enjoying his life.

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