Thursday, July 18, 2024

Will Rengoku Die in Demon Slayer anime?

Favorite amongst the public Demon Slayer: Mugen Train's sad death of Hashira was required for Tanjiro's journey and the story as a whole. As...

Is Kurama Alive? Will Naruto Get Kurama Back?

Naruto fans are curious about the return of Kurama in the manga series after viewing the current Boruto anime episode. So, without further ado,...

How Star and Stripe is better than All Might?

In spite of her voluptuous and well-muscled appearance, Star and Stripe is a towering presence on the battlefield. There are eight distinct tufts in...

Will Katsuki Bakugo die in My Hero Academia?

Katsuki Bakugo is also known as Kacchan. From the very beginning, we have seen him confident about his powers and bullying Deku. He was...

Will Captain Yami Die in Black Clover?

Yami Sukehiro is commonly known as Captain Yami in Black Clover. In the latest chapter, there have been all sorts of speculations regarding Yami's...

Will Gojo die in Jujutsu Kaisen?

Jujutsu Kaisen is one of the upvoted anime for its promising plot. It has many directions to it send involving the cursed energy. In...

Will Nezuko Inosuke or Zenitsu Die in Demon Slayer?

Demon Slayer has been a hit worldwide. It has battled with classics such as Spirited away taken the sales by storm. Also according to...

Will Nezuku and Zenitsu end up Together in Demon Slayer?

Demon Slayer is among the anime whish has battled with classics such as Spirited away taken the sales by storm. Also according to the...

Is Nobara dead in Jujutsu Kaisen?

Nobara Kugisaki is one of the strongest female characters of Jujutsu Kaisen. From the very first scene, her character has attracted a lot of...

Will Mikey die in Tokyo Revengers?

Tokyo Revengers has performed very well in the weekly charts. The plot has several ups and downs but has won everyone's hearts. It has...

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