Thursday, June 20, 2024

Who Will be Next Wizard King in Black Clover? 29th Wizard...

If you have been Wondering about Who will be the Next Wizard King in Black Clover then you're at the right place. Julius Novachorono...

How fast is Saitama? What is Saitama speed?

One Punch Man is a huge name in the Anime World.  Popularity and Fan base of One Punch Man is huge - Selling almost...

Uraraka Loves Midoriya- Proof!!!

This Month the popular anime My Hero Academia is going come up with the fourth season. Anime Lovers all around the globe admire this...

Who was Kakashi’s Mother (Fan Theory)

Narutoverse is filled with many awesome characters and Hatake Kakashi is one of the coolest characters in the Naruto Universe. We know a lot...

What Caused Petrification In Dr. Stone Anime? [SPOILERS]

Ever thought about what Exactly caused petrification in the world of Dr. Stone? Well, we did. And here's what we have. Dr. Stone, An anime...

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