Cells at Work was one such anime which made Biology fun for me. It was even praised by doctors and scientists alike. The story of the Cells At Work! anime is based on the Hataraku Saibou manga series by Akane Shimizu. She won the 27th Sirius New Age Award for best newcomer manga and the Cells At Work! manga is her debut work. The anime recently made an announcement regarding Cells at Work! Season 2.

But there is one problem as there is not much material from the remaining 15 chapters to air a whole season. The story adaption will be from Bacteria at work or Cells that don’t work. This may be potentially used for a season 3. But for Code Black Season 2, it’s been confirmed that the story is being adapted from the new manga Cells at Work Black.

Cells at Work! Code Black Season 2
Cells at Work! Code Black Season 2 Key Visual

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Cells at Work! Code Black

Cells at Work BLACK tells the story of cells living inside a human body suffering from an unhealthy lifestyle. He drinks and eats too much, has insufficient physical activity, and has high stress. It features stories related to smoking, alcohol, STDs, and even erection problems.

This spin-off manga is up to Cells At Work! BLACK Volume 6 as of early 2020. The Cells At Work! BLACK manga is already up to 36 chapters, which is more than enough content for a standalone anime.

Cells at Work Hataraku Saibou Season 2 release date

As of now, the production of the anime has only officially confirmed that the Cells At Work! Code Black is under production. The Release Date for Cells at Work Season 2 will be January 2021, the winter 2021 anime season. We will get to know the exact date after some time.

Hataraku Saibou Season 2 Trailer

Hataraku Saibou Cells at Work Season 2 Spoilers

The Cells At Work! Season 2 will begin with stories about how memory cells help acquire immunity to viruses and how acne bacteria cause pimples.

One episode will show a wandering platelet, who is trying to train to become stronger. The Megakaryocyte is their leader. She’s more like a baby-packing drill sergeant.

In the middle of season 1, we saw the cancer cell. Cells At Work Season 2 is to end with that fated battle between the Heroes and the Cancer Cell. I am excited for season 2 as season 1 left a big impact. All the doctors and scientists have used this anime to teach students about problems. Maybe who knows this anime might feature an episode about the coronavirus.

Well, that’s what we have for now. Make sure to read our recent on Orgairu Season 3.

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