Being happy is the one thing we Otakus seek our entire life, making you laugh while watching anime is the best thing we can offer. So, here we are with the list of Funniest Anime that one must watch to cure dejection. Basically, Comedy is the genre we are looking for. So here is with these comedy anime, you can catch the humor absurdly used with remarkable philosophy, aesthetically played by fun characters which altogether will make you laugh your ass off and if it didn’t, break your ass dammit!

So don’t hold back. These comedy anime are here, ready to tickle your funny bone! Whether you’re happy, sad, angry, bored, or confused—watch these top-rated comedy animes and you’ll forget everything else!

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Most hilarious anime of all time! With over 350 episodes and counting, Gintama is full of comedy, parody, weirdoes, laughable moments, outrageous jokes, slapstick entertainment, and humorous wits— basically everything!

The series is set in feudal Japan were an alien species called Amanto have taken control of the country and forbidden swords and samurais. Gintoki, a samurai is ready to take any job to survive so with his gang they try to solve troubles but in reality, mess them up!


It’s the first anime in history where the heroine vomits! Gintama is not supposed to be approached with a “binge” mindset, but more of a weekly sitcom mindset. The serious arcs are very worth binge-watching though. So with action & emotional scenes layered with hilarious comedy you get the funniest anime to tickle your soul! The new season will be airing in 2019 but sadly the manga is completed!



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Are you looking for something crazier than usual? Then this comedy anime is that hot spring you wanna enjoy butt naked! A slice-of-life anime with hilarious comedy centering around pranks of a college. Scuba diving club showcasing lots of misunderstandings, dramatic facial expressions, and a whole lot of (male) nudity.


Iori Kitahara moves to his uncle’s seaside home which is a diving shop to attend his college. But his college debut didn’t go as glamorous he planned and he ends up in a lifestyle with his relatives and friends which don’t have any restraints! It has a total of 12 episodes and you can look forward to the new season in coming years and I bet they will be funniest!



It’s so Ducking funny to the point of being unrivaled with other anime! With loads of random events unveiling one after another which is full of outrageous satire, stellar voicing and hella relatable content with no moe in it!

A light anime but both profound and senseless at the same time. Tadakuni, Hidenori Tabata and Yoshitake Tanaka together with their hormones- filled school days talks out about their weird encounters and thoughts. It revolves around more high school boys and how unthinkably amusing and stupid they can be. With several fujoshi-ready situations and jokes, it’s a show suitable for both boys and girls. With 12 episodes It’s the best comedy anime I have seen but sadly no news of the new season!


4. Kono Subarashii Sekai ni Shukufuku wo!



Do gods exist? Well, this animes depicts god in its best form like- Freaking useless!! Huh, you wanna see that blonde, purest, strongest female lead character getting lewd? A powerful Kawai loli that wanna explode everything she sees? Well, you can get all when you get Isekai zoned like Kazuma! It’s a light-hearted, humorous and offers pure comedic entertainment!

Spoiler Guy

Kazuma, a perverted NEET dies very embarrassing and hopeless death. He then makes his way to another world but drags Aqua a goddess who laughed her ass off on his death! They then decide to become adventurers and defeat the world’s mysterious “Demon King” to return to their previous lives! They eventually encounter a cannon sorceress and a kinky crusader and with them make efforts which are met with amusing failures and even when they succeed, consequences of their actions lead to funny after-effects. Also, it might offend normies but its anyway funniest show! It has 2 seasons with 10 episodes each with 2 ova + a movie and a new movie is coming as well in 2019!

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