Coronavirus is currently a world level epidemic, but in this blog, we will discuss how Coronavirus Affecting Anime Industry? Yeah, you heard it right. When an epidemic like this occurs they hugely affect human civilization. Up until now, around 71,444 cases have been registered out of which 1,776 have died. A ray of hope is that around 11,409 have been recovered. 19% of the total cases are serious. The five most affected countries are – China, Japan, Singapore, Hong Kong, and Thailand.

Data Source – Worldometer

Coronavirus Affecting Anime Industry.

Coronavirus is affecting a lot of things and anime is no exception to this. Recently, “A Certain Scientific Railgun T” Anime’s 7th Episode got Delayed. Moreover, the staff states that this delay is due to COVID-19 coronavirus. Well, this is the first case in which the staff gave coronavirus as reasons for the delay. But this doesn’t mean other anime series aren’t getting affected by this.

Coronavirus Affecting Anime
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As you must have noticed, recently many anime and manga are getting delay. A Certain Scientific Railgun T episode 7, My Hero Academia Manga, Black Clover anime taking a break and many others. Although the reasons for delay and breaks of most of these anime aren’t specified but we guess it could be something related to the epidemic.

But you don’t need to panic. It’s not like the manga artist or the director or producers of these shows are infected by the epidemic. It can be due to the illness of a publisher or an animator from their team. Maybe, it has nothing to do with coronavirus at all. But most of them taking a break at the same time? Doesn’t that appear fishy to you?

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