Howdy guys, In this post we are going to discuss events of DanMachi Season 2 Episode 11 release date and spoilers. Besides this, this post will contain spoilers. If spoilers bother you, I suggest you stop here. Otherwise, you go further to read what is going to happen in the next episode of DanMachi. But before that, let’s focus on recent episode- DanMachi Season 2 episode 10-


DanMachi Season 2 episode 10

There is no doubt that the 10th episode of DanMachi was best till now if we talk about season 2. The episode was full of drama and top-notch action scenes. Finally, Haruhime-san is free and safe. I don’t know why and how but every shounen protagonist know talk-no-jutsu. Our hero- Bell is finally able to change the thoughts of Haruhime that- “Heroes safe everyone, whether the person is a prostitute or not”. This gives Haruhime a kind of positivity and she accepted the fact that she wants freedom, no matter what. Our argonaut (BELL) finally saved her from the hand of ugliest character- Phryne. Besides this, Haruhime helps Bell by casting level upgrade spell.

From the beginning, the case of Aisha was doubtable. Whether she is kindest human or she is the most villainous one. But the last episode clears everything that she only wants the welfare of Haruhime. So, Aisha fought with Bell in order to know that after her, will Bell be able to take care of her? And yeah, Bell proof that he is capable of it. In midst of the episode, Freya Familia attack on Ishtar Familia. There is no question that Freya is the most powerful familia in whole Orario region. And as predicted- Ishtar Familia vanished from the Lower World.


DanMachi Season 2 Episode 11


DanMachi Season 2 Episode 11

Ares is going to make his presence in the next episode. Ares is the head of his kingdom – Rakia and head of his own familia- Ares Familia. Some citizens of Orario will report to Ares that there is a battle going on on Orario. As ares and his men want’s another war. They will take this as a chance in order to start a war. So, yeah episode 11 is going to be a worth watching. Besides this, new god- Ares is going an entrance. After all, he is the head of the military country. So, there is no doubt that their army strategies are quite effective. DanMachi Season 2 episode 11 will be titled as “Rakia”. Furthermore, the 11th episode of DanMachi is going to release on 19th September 2019.


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