Darwin’s Game Season 2 will be the sequel to one of the best survival anime. It had some of the best fighting scenes and one of the best character development in anime series. The second season for the anime will have Kaname and his friends from the Sunset Ravens trying to survive and stop the deadly D-Game.

If you remember the end of season 1, we saw Kaname and others teleported in a forest. However, the anime ended in just 11 episodes instead of 12 episodes. The ending also confirmed the setting of the opening of Darwin’s Game 2nd Season.

Darwin’s Game second Season will be filled with even more action and gore than it’s predecessor. Nexus is probably going to continue with the production of season 2 of Darwin’s Game. Nexus has also made other popular shows like Chivalry of the Failed Knight, Granbelm, and Wakaba Girl.

Yoshinobu Tokumoto was the director for Darwin’s Game will probably also be the director of Season 2 of the same. Read more to learn more about the 2nd Season of Darwin’s Game and the release date.

Darwin’s Game Season 2

Season 1 of Darwin’s Game opens on January 4, 2020, with a total of 11 episodes, which was one less than the norm of 12 episodes. Darwin’s Game Season 1 finished airing on 21 March 2020.

In the end, we could see an epilogue in which Kaname Is initiating the next event that involves hunting in the forest. This scene itself makes it pretty apparent that a new season is undoubtedly happening.

Season 2 will also be based on the original Manga, like season 1. One day, Kaname unknowingly accepts an invitation to play darwin’s game. However, this competition is not like classic games. It involves killing other people and managing resources and friends. Kaname doesn’t like this game at all and vows to find and kill the game master.

The original manga had also entered its final arc in Jan 2020. However, the anime plot is a bit modified from the original story, but it stays loyal to most of the anime. This means that the creator has enough sources to make Darwin’s Game 2nd Season.

The views and the income from the first season were pretty decent. I am hopeful that we will soon get to know more about Darwin’s Game Season 2.

Darwin’s Game Season 2 Release Date 

There has been no particular announcement regarding the air date for the Second Season of Darwin’s Game. Also, Darwin’s Game 2nd Season has not been appropriately announced.

However, we will be updating the information about the release date as soon as it is released. Well, a good thing for Darwin’s Game fan is that there is enough material for a potential second season.

There is also the fact that Darwin’s Game showed us a teaser at the end of Episode 11 for a potential Season 2 of the show. It will be miserable if there is no Darwin’s Game Season 2 because the first season was financially profitable, and there is not much good survival anime.

Darwin’s Game 2nd Season Spoilers 

With the creation of Sunset Ravens, there is a new wave of D-Game players joining. Kanama, along with the Danjou Boxing Club, has made it illegal to play D-Game. However, it is still allowed to hold matches in safe environments, and betting is also allowed.

One of the crucial things that Darwin’s Game Season 1 missed was a little bit of the story involving the police investigation regarding D-Game Players’ deaths. Since there are a lot of games taking place, this means the death rate is also increasing.

The police seize video evidence of a player dying block by block. However, all the digital proof is wiped about D-Game; one single VCR remains, shown to Japan’s prime minister. Following this, the national government launches a nationwide investigation to catch the perpetrators.

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In Shibuya, Sunset Ravens kill anyone who takes part in the D-Game, which makes Shibuya peaceful. However, as the players can’t play D-Game in Shibuya, they leave for expeditions outside Shibuya.

Some people also opt for evil ways such as cultivation, where the players trick people into joining the D-Game and hunt those very players.

Overall, Season 2 will have a lot of good arcs and fights. Kaname has had become more cold-blooded since we saw him in the first episode.

Watch Darwin’s Game 

In any case, you haven’t seen the 1st Season of Darwin’s Game; you can do so at Crunchyroll, Hulu, Funimation, and Netflix.

I am pretty sure the second season will also be available to watch on these OTT’s. However, be sure to watch Darwin’s Game and other animes on legal websites. To get to know where to watch anime and read manga legally, check our blog on the best anime streaming sites.

About Darwin’s Game 

In the 16th volume of the manga, it was announced that there would require an anime adaptation of Darwin’s Game. Yoshinobu Tokumoto is directing the anime, and Shu Miyama, the manga writer, is also writing for the anime. Studio Nexus is animating Darwin’s Game. The first episode was one hour long, that’s why the series only had 11 episodes.

Darwin’s Game tells us the story of Kaname Sudo, who is a 17-year-old Highschooler. He unknowingly accepts an invitation to play darwin’s game. However, this competition is not like classic games.

It involves killing other people and managing resources and friends. Kaname doesn’t like this game at all and vows to find and kill the game master.

This is it for Darwin’s Game Season 2 Release Date and other details. You can also read about Darwin’s Game Episode 12 and find similar anime like Darwin’s game.