Death Note is one of the most popular thriller anime of all time. It still holds the IMDb rating of 9/10. Original run – 2006 to 2007 with 37 episodes. Death Note is the first anime for most of us. This is because it is the first anime that anime fan recommends to the newcomers. In my opinion, every anime lover should watch death note t least once in his/her life.

Death Note Manga Gets New One-Shot Chapter.

Amazing news for all the Death Note fans. Shueisha‘s Jump SQ is looking forward to release a special one-shot manga of Death Note. This manga will be published in the March issue of Jump SQ.  That will come out on 4th February. The manga will be 87 pages with the colored center page. Moreover The Death Note special one-shot manga will be the cover of the march issue.

Till now we don’t have full information about the plot of the special one-shot manga. But, we know that it starts with Ryuk’s Death Note getting back  to the human world, after the end of the main manga.

The plot of Death Note

The Story of Death Note starts when a high-school genius named Light, finds a notebook from the Shinigami world. The notebook is called Death Note and it is used by the Shinigamis to kill people. The user should know the name and face of the person to kill him/her with a death note. When Light found this notebook, he decides to use it to kill the criminals and create a new world. But in his way stand the greatest detective of all time called L. L tries to solve these cases of the mysterious death of criminals. Most of the thrill element of the series comes from the brain war between these 2 genii – Light & L.

Source – AnimeNewsNetwork