Let’s not forget that Demon Slayer is a prominent franchise. As the story is following towards its climax, fan’s expectations Demon Slayer Chapter 204 is really high which is quite obvious after the previous chapter. Howdy guys, In this post we are going to be talking about Demon Slayer Chapter 204. We have included information regarding the release date and where to read it legally. Note:- This post may contain spoilers. If spoilers bother you, I suggest you stop here or skip to the release date section. So, without any further delay, let’s get going for Demon Slayer 204. But before, let’s recall the previous chapter-

Demon Slayer Chapter 203

The previous chapter was all about Tanjiro’s mental battle against Muzan. As we all know that, with the execution of Muzan, Muzan inserted his cells in Tanjiro in order to make Tanhjiro a demon who already conquered the sun which makes him invincible obviously.

So, in the previous chapter, Tanjiro had a conversation with Muzan in which Muzan tried every possible ghastly attempt. Muzan made him realized that his family is dead- “Your Whole Family Is Dead”. And then he told him about this word that- “It’s just a place filled with buried bodies.” As Tanjio was continuously repelling his attempts Muzan asked- “What will you do if you go back?”. And then Tanjiro gently answered- “My memories with Nezuko won’t disappear and that’s why I want to go back”. This shows that they have an unbreakable bond.

Not only this, Muzan even tried to plan a deadly web in which Tanjiro would question himself. Muzan said- “You are the one who killed your comrades”. Can’t you smell the blood of them”?. Muzan even mentioned that Nezuko is dead. “Nobody wants you back.” And then Muzan offered him that he must inherit his will in order to survive, in order to become invincible. It was all dark for Tanjiro.

The moment it was ending for Tanjiro, Nezuko came with the ray of light and hold Tanjiro’s hand. “Onii-Chan, Let’s go back”. And in a fraction of seconds, everyone (Hashiras and others who were with Tanjiro since starting) holds Tanjiro’s hand pull him on a brighter side. And this way, Muzan finally defeated. Furthermore, Kanao was alive and perfectly fine which was quite a relief.

“The Long Battle Has Come To An End”. “It’s Over”. This is where chapter 203 of Kimetsu No Yaiba ends.

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Kimetsu no Yaiba Demon Slayer Chapter 204

Now, let’s talk about Demon Slayer Kimetsu No Yaiba Chapter- 204

Kimetsu No Yaiba Chapter 204 Release Date

As the previous chapter of the Demon slayer was released on 26th April 2020. According to our sources, there is a week delay in the upcoming chapter which is KNY 204 due to COVID-19. It means that Demon Slayer chapter 204 is going to release on 11th April 2020. Furthermore, Demon Slayer Chapter 204 is a climax chapter. It means this is the end of Demon Slayer for now.

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Update: The Demon Slayer Manga ending has been confirmed. You can read more about the manga ending here.

Demon Slayer Chapter 204 Predictions

So, finally, Muzan is dead. Nezuko is back in her Human form. And so is Tanjiro. The existence of Demons has vanished. The purpose of this series is complete. Right? So, what are the events of Demon Slayer 204? Well, as already we mentioned above that spoilers are going to release on 6th or 7th May. But we have some predictions of Kimetsu No yaiba chapter 204-

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  • According to our sources, the next chapter of Demon Slayer which is Demon Slayer chapter 204 is going to be the last chapter of the series.
  • So, as per our prediction, Tanjiro and Nezuko will be back to their sweet, the place where it all started in Kimrst No Yaiba chapter 204. That will bring some memories though.
  • Furthermore, according to our predictions, Demon Slayer Corpse will be dissolved as all the demons are now executed. Is that so? This will also reveal in Demon Slayer 204.
  • According to some internet theories, the Demon slayer will have a sequel. According to theories, there are some demons who are stronger than Muzan which are yet to reveal. If this theory hit’s bullseye, this series will have the biggest comeback without a doubt. A new demon slayer corpse will form. Zenitsu and Inosuke may be the part of a new demon slayer corpse.
  • What if Tanjiro will choose the path of solidifying his skills as a slayer. This might also reveal Demon Slayer Chapter 204.
  • Let’s just take a moment and respect the reunion of Tanjiro and Nezuko is going to have in Demon Slayer Chapter 204. So, they are going to meet after so much time and obviously without any complications. This seems really heartwarming. So, this happy reunion is highly expected in Demon Slayer 204.
  • Furthermore, this is also highly expected from Demon Slayer 204 is the character which we used to ship will get together. As for an instance- Zenistu and Nezuko. So, according to our prediction, this Kawaii thing will happen in Demon Slayer Chapter 204.
  • As some theories say that there will be a sequel to the Demon Slayer. So this is highly expected from the creator that he will end Demon Slayer with a hint of something that may link with the sequel. So, this will also unmask in Demon Slayer 204.
  • Furthermore, we know almost nothing about Tanjiro’s and Nezuko’s childhood. As they might go back to their home, the creator may put nostalgic moments of their life. So, this also hight expected from KNY Chapter 204.
  • We might experience a time skip in Kimetsu No Yaiba Chapter 204. In time skip, we might see Nezuko and Tanjiro’s adulthood. They both will marry to their respective partners. So, this is highly expected from Demon Slayer Chapter 204.
  • Kanao and Tanjiro will be together, at least this what Demon Slayer fan base ships. Besides this, this was obvious that they will be together. Even the series hinted that this ship is possible in the near future. Not only this, but Even Kanao also showed some of her feelings, and the moments they had together definitely allowed Kanao and Tanjiromto to manifest feelings towards each other. So, this is also an expectation from Demon Slayer Chapter 204. On the other hand, Nezuko and Zenitsu will be together which was quite obvious. Other than just a hilarious belief, Zenitsu usually calls her his wife, and no matter what he’s gonna marry her. So, this is also expected from Demon Slayer Chapter 204.
  • As we recall, Tanjiro promised his dad about the hanafuda earing tradition. That no matter what, he will pass on the earing to the next generation. So, we might see something related to this tradition in Demon Slayer Chapter 204.
  • As we already mentioned that our heroes managed to kill all the demons. But who knows? Maybe the creator will add a role as a demon in a sequel. So, there is a possibility that Tanjiro with rest will train youth for the upcoming trouble. This might also reveal in Demon Slayer Chapter 204.
  • If the above theory hits the bull’s eye, then without a doubt, the water pillar will Tanjiro. Besides this, he will also teach the sun breathing technique to the youth. This will also reveal in Demon Slayer Chapter 204.


Kimetsu No Yaiba KNY chapter 204

Demon Slayer Chapter 204 Spoilers Revealed!!!

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  • There’s a 3-month time-skip, All the pillars and their knowns have gathered.
  • With the vanished existence of Demons, humankind is safe. And hence, Demon Slayer corps are disbanded.
  • ‘Hisshou’ was the name of the Cherry Tree in the butterfly’s mansion was planted by the very first Breath of Flower Style user. Hisshou means Victory is certain.
  • Kanao lost her vision, she can not see anything anymore. The wind hashira, Kaburamaru is now with Kanao.
  • Tengen Uzui, Rengoku’s father, and others arrive for a visit. Tanjirou thanked Rengoku’s father as it was Rengoku’s words that lead him to where he’s now.
  • We get to see Nezuko with Sanemi. Moreover, it has been revealed – while in her Demon form, Nezuko felt asleep (was in a sleep-like state), Sanemi pats Nezuko and we see an angry Zenitsu in the background.
  • Aoi Kanzaki made a tray full of rice balls for Inosuke. He is confused at first, but as soon as she leaves, he started eating those with a big smile on his face.
  • Before going home, Tanjirou and co. pay respect to the fallen Demon Slayer corp members.
  • After reaching, Zenitsu buries his grandpa next to Tanjirou’s family.
  • The big reveal in the chapter is, the trio and Nezuko might live in Tanjirou’s house now. Kanao lost her eyesight. Tanjirou is feeling numb below his left elbow. And his right eye isn’t functioning either.
  • The chapter ends with Tanjirou apologizing to everyone for hurting them but Nezuko interrupts and says, “You think anyone cares about it? If you apologize one more time. I’ll smack your forehead and send you flying”.

Where To Read Demon Slayer Chapter 204?

All the chapters of Demon Slayer manga are available for free on Viz Media and Shueisha. You can read Kimetsu No Yaiba 204 there. Besides this, you can also buy the hard copy of the manga to support the creator.

We highly condemn the usage of an unofficial website to read mangas or stream anime. You can read more about Anime streaming websites here.

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The genre for Kimetsu no Yaiba is Action, Demons, Historical, Shounen, and Supernatural. The Anime is well-known for its wonderful animation and a decent plot. As of now, the manga has aired a total of 203 chapters. Demon Slayer Manga Chapter 204 will be out soon. Moreover, the anime’s first season was a huge success, fans are now full of beans for Demon Slayer Season 2

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