Recently, Demon Slayer Kimitsu No Yaiba season 1 ended and the anime series received a lot of positive response. And Fans all over the world have been eagerly waiting for the season 2 and the movie announced for Demon Slayer/Kimetsu no Yaiba. The release date for the movie, however, there have been huge updates regarding the Infinite train arc of Demon Slayer season 2. Well, that’s not all. There’s another good news for all Demon Slayer fans out there. The anime will get a new live-action Play as well. Demon Slayer anime would be getting a live-action stage play in Japan in or around January 2020. Furthermore, Here is more about Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba: Stage Play-


The Demon Slayer play will run in Tokyo. Furthermore, At the Tennōzu Ginga Gekijō from 18-26 January. And in Hyogo prefecture at the AiiA 2.5 Theater Kobe from January 31-February 2. Besides this, Kenichi has scripted and directed the play, and Shunsuke Wada is composing the music.

You can watch the Demon Slayer anime on –

  • Hulu
  •  Crunchyroll
  • FunimationNow

The 26th episode ended on September 28 with an announcement of a sequel anime film that will cover the manga’s Demon Train Arc. Besides this, Here is the cast of Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba: Stage Play.

Cast Reveal

Ryōta Kobayashi as Tanjiro Kamadō


Asari Takaishi as Nezuko Kamadō


Yoshihide Sasaki as Muzan Kibutsuji


Hisanori Satō as Yushirō


Mimi Maihane as Tamayo


Tomoyuki Takagi as Sakonji Urokodaki


Reo Honda as Giyū Tomioka


Yūgo Satō as Inosuke Hashibira


Keisuke Ueda as Zenitsu Agatsuma

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About Kimetsu No Yaiba Demon Slayer

Kimetsu no Yaiba aired its first season back in April 2019 and is getting showered with love by fans all around the globe. The genre for Kimetsu no Yaiba are Action, Demons, Historical, Shounen and Supernatural. The Anime is well-known for its wonderful animation and a decent plot.