Kimetsu no Yaiba: Kaze no Michishirube is going to be the Third Demon Slayer Novel in the Kimestu no Yaiba Series. Alternatively know as Demon Slayer: The wind’s Telltale Signs is going to tell us the story of Sanemi Shinazugawa, the wind Hashira. It’s going to be a collection of Short Stories. The Third Entry is going to release on July.

Demon Slayer 3rd Novel
Jump J Books confirming the Third Novel

About Demon Slayer Novel and Series

Demon Slayer Novel are very popular among the fans in Japan and worldwide. The last two novels Flower of Happiness and One-Winged Butterfly sold a Million copies in Record Time. The NovelsĀ  now has more than 60 million copies sold in total.

Demon Slayer Novel
Demon Slayer Novel

The Manga is possibly in the last Stages now after the 23rd edition of the Weekly Manga Jump which released on Monday.

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Demon Slayer first started in February 2016, since then it has come a long way being the 10th most selling manga in the world. The manga also inspired a 26 episode long Anime by the same name. Which later became the Best anime Series of 2019 last year. There is also a movie sequel happening that will air in Japan on October 16. There has also been speculation on an Upcoming PS4 game based on Demon Slayer.

If you still haven’t seen Demon Slayer go give it a try at VIZ.

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