In this post, we are going to take about the movie Demon Slayer: The Mugen Train. The official Twitter account has revealed the skyrocketing numbers of the film and how it has still managed to rule the Japan box office.

Demon Slayer- Kimetsu no Yaiba- The Movie: Mugen Train

According to the latest numbers, the movie has maintained its position in the Japan Box Office for the fifth week. With the IMAX screenings, the film has earned US$14.2 million in only 30 days. Previously it was Bohemian Rhapsody to reach US$ 13 million in 135 days in Japan IMAX.

As per the latest reports of Taiwanese animation distributor Muse Communication, the movie has earned over NT$360 million in the 17 days of its screening. The film first opened in Taiwan on 30th October. The film was a hit just after 10 days of screening in Japan and had sold out around 470,000 tickets till then. It had already left behind Frozen 2 and your name. Along with its Box Office hit Demon Slayer: The Mugen Train anime film has also spurred the sales in character goods sales in pop-up shops and other sports events running in the three cities of Taiwan.

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