Detective Conan is a pretty popular series. In the post, we are going to be talking about Detective Conan: Case Closes Episode 989 Release Date and More. Although, the series was on hiatus for a few weeks. The hiatus is no longer there so Episode 989 is coming soon.

Detective Conan Episode 989 

Detective Conan is also known as Case Closed is based on a manga of the same name. Gosho Aoyama has been writing this manga since 1994. It’s a pretty old and popular manga. The anime has also been airing since 1996 by TMS entertainment.

Currently Case Closed is on its 29th Season. The last episode titled “The Feuding Girls” aired on 14th November 2020. Since then, the series is on Hiatus. Read more to know when the new episode 989 is coming.

Detective Conan Episode 989 Release Date

Detective Conan Ep 989 is going to release on December 5th, 2020 at 14:30 JST. After that, all the episodes are going to be airing every Saturday.

However, be sure the change the time according to the timezone you live in.

Where to Watch Episode 989 of Case Closed

The latest Episode 989 of Detective Conan can be watched on Crunchyroll and Netflix. All the new episodes are updated on Crunchyroll as soon as the episode is released.

About Case Closed:

The story is about a High School Detective who goes by the name Jimmy Kudo in English Dub and Shinichi Kudo in the original. Following a mysterious organization, he gets transformed into a kid.

From then he solves a lot of cases as a Child Detective involving a lot of dangerous organizations. Case Closed is the 16th longest anime series to date.

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