Dr. Stone is a science-based fiction based on the adventure of Senkuu in restoring humanity. Now that the fate of humanity and its survival in the hands of Suika. What will Suika do to bring the stones back to life? To know-how about everything that happens in Dr. Stone chapter 196, stay tuned till the end!

Suika doesn’t know much about the formula of the revival fluid. Her chances of succeeding in making it in a short time are not a good idea. But if she is able to find the bottle which Luna threw out just before the petrification. There are chances that she is able to de- petrify everyone, nonetheless Senkuu.

Dr. Stone Chapter 196

As per the latest information, Suika will be able to find a map that will lead her to the location of Senkuu and others. Suika thinks Luna and Chelsea will go towards the north, but soon she finds them with the bottle of the revival fluid. Sooner she finds that Luna has thrown away her only hope of revival fluid.

With all the bad happening, what good can bring back Senkuu to life! Well, as per the spoilers, it is said the Suika somehow manages to bring Senku back to life. After which, Senkuu constructs the fluid to bring back the rest to life. It doesn’t end there, Ukyo informs Senku that the sky has called for him. The voice will then ask them to reach the moon, where there will be an interesting revelation.

Please note the spoilers may not always be true. It is, however, close to what can happen in the upcoming chapter.

Dr. Stone Chapter 196 Release Date

Earlier chapter 195 of Dr. Stone was delayed due to the golden week celebrated in Japan, but as of Dr. Stone Chapter 196, it is scheduled to release on 16th May 2021. In case of any delay or update in the manga, the chapter will be updated with due information.

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Where to read Dr. Stone Chapter 196?

Just like the other chapters, Dr. Stone is officially available in Viz Media, Mangaplus, and Shueisha’s weekly shonen manga. Both websites require you to become a member to read the chapters. However, you can read the latest three chapters for free.

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