Dr Stone Season 2 Release Date And Updates Revealed!

Dr Stone Season 2 Release Date And Updates Revealed!

Dr Stone, a very popular shonen manga series which is published in the Weekly Shonen Jump magazine. Besides this, anime has recently been adapted into 24 episode anime series. The first season of this anime did surprise everyone with its unexpected ending, but that’s not it. Fans are now eagerly waiting for Dr Stone Second season. The production house is really happy with the success of the first season of Dr Stone. Besides this, The studio is now looking forward to giving more of scientific knowledge to the fans in Dr Stone season 2.

Dr Stone Season 2 Release Date And Updates Revealed!

Dr. Stone Plot

The plot of Dr Stone revolves around Taiju Oki, Senku Ishigami and Yuruziha Ogawa, in the beginning. However, when Taiju almost proposes Yuruziha and a green light end up petrifying all of humanity. After about 3700 years of being petrified, Senku and Taiju wake up about 6 months apart.

They now say that they are back to ‘The Stone World’. In the past 3000 years, the world has changed vastly and Senku aims to restore humanity using the power of science. Senku then discovers a chemical mixture featuring Nital, which he concludes revived him.

Dr Stone Season 2 Release Date And Updates Revealed!

He and Taiju plan to use this chemical, to revive Yuruziha but a sudden lion attack forces them to revive Tsukasa Shishio instead. Later a conflict of ideals leads to Senku’s group forming the Kingdom of Science in Ishigami Village. While Tsukasa establishes an Empire of Might to create a new world where only strong-willed people are revived.

Later on, as time passes by, We’ve seen the kingdom of science attain more gadgets to uncover the mystery of petrification. And, the show will continue with the same pace of new discoveries until Senku and co. resurrect humanity. What else do we expect from an anime that’s made on alcohol? Yes, The producer of this show said, The production team is very much into alcohol at Anime expo 2019.

Dr Stone Season 2 Release Date And Updates Revealed!

TOHO Animation and Shueisha are the producers of this anime. The director of the series is Iino Shinya. The anime follows the ongoing manga Dr. Stone which is 10 billion years ahead of anime. Also, we’ve made sure not to include any spoiler from the Dr stone manga. So, if you hate spoilers, you are in the right place.

Dr Stone Animation

Well, The animation is avoided during action sequences, backdrops consist of still nature and it has very little variety. In general, characters are the only elements that ever move. It’s non-moving- like everything is made of stone. Occasionally close-up shots of waves or fire are seen, however, most of the time- not. But talking about the times the studio doesn’t compromise on animation, it turns outrageous.

Dr Stone Season 2 Release Date And Updates Revealed!

A better animation is expected in Dr Stone S2. Also, due to the season 1 turning into a success, producers might improve a lot more stuff they’ve been lacking in the previous season.

Dr Stone Second Season Plot

Dr Stone’s first season had a decent ending. What do we expect from Dr Stone S2? Well, according to our sources, the anime will cover up some sparring of both the Kingdom of science and Tsukasa’s empire. We might see Taiju and Yuzuriha returning back on screen in the second season as well. That being said, Dr Stone season 2 will bring more funny-action packed episodes to make your day.

 Dr Stone Season 2 Release Date And Updates Revealed!

Dr Stone Season 2, Where to Watch?

The anime, Dr Stone is exclusively available in the English subbed version on Crunchyroll. Dr Stone Season will air on the same platform. Dr Stone aired its first season at 12:00 am on Saturdays (Eastern Standard Time).

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Dr Stone S2 Trailer

There is no official trailer out for Dr Stone season 2 as of now. However, if there comes any teaser or trailer, we shall be the first one to update you.

Here is the trailer for the first season of Dr stone:

Dr Stone Season 2 Release Date

There haven’t been any updates on the released date for the second season as of now. But according to our sources, the anime might bring back the second season real soon to keep up fans hyped for Dr Stone. The anime is said to bring back some old characters and new characters as well. We will update you as soon as we get a new release date for the show.


Dr Stone S2 Updates

As of now, there has been almost no update from the studio regarding the second season of Dr Stone, but hoping for the best the anime might bring its new season by the time Kimetsu no Yaiba Season 2 and other popular anime gets aired.

The studio is definitely looking forward to bringing the season 2 soon, that too with better animation.

Everyone at Crunchyroll has been excited about the anime ever since. Well, here’s a short video on how Dr stone is made, Behind the scenes. Previously posted on the official YouTube channel of Crunchyroll.


Dr Stone OST and Ending theme

The anime is divided into two parts, more like two different arcs, The Opening song for the first arc was, “Good Morning World!” by BURNOUT SYNDROMES, now it changed to, “Sangenshoku (三原色)” by PELICAN FANCLUB.

The ending song for the first arc was, “LIFE” by Rude-α and for the second arc, it’s”Yume no You na (夢のような)” by YouthK Saeki.

Dr Stone Season 2 Release Date And Updates Revealed!

Dr Stone Writer’s Review

Before starting the series, I was really happy, that there was one shonen anime that didn’t circle itself around fictional concepts but science. Dr. Stone acts very pretentious and ends up failing at many times. The characters don’t seem to be pragmatic and end up bring like any other shonen anime. It’s not like Dr. Stone is a bad anime, it’s just that it doesn’t offer anything new, which should be expected from the unique plot. It has no USP. Other than obvious plot holes everything else is good and sometimes even exceptional! The animation is mostly crisp, TMS Entertainment has done a great job, I personally rate this anime as … Read more.

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